Family Genealogy of Ancestors of Herbert Blaylock and Nellie Privette

For 250 years or more, our family
lived in the hills of southwestern Virginia. 
Scotch-Irish, German, and some British sprinkled in, these bloodlines all came together and created us--billies from the hills of Virginia.

Religious freedom and economic opportunity were the primary driving forces behind the spirit of these pioneers who helped shape our country. 

Our German ancestors mostly came through Pennsylvania and were Lutheran.  Our Scotch-Irish came from eastern Virginia and were Presbyterian.  Baptist and other denominations took hold with the evangelical movement.

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The purpose of this site is to file the genealogical findings on the ancestors of Herbert Blaylock and Nellie Privette.

The site includes charts, photos, documents.  However, we do have documents, such as census records, burial records, etc. that are not available through this website.  If you need copies of these, please let us know.

If you didn't make it to the family reunion in Bristol, TN this year, you can still see a little bit of what it was like.  Click here to view photos.  (If you have photos you will share so we can all see, please send them my email address above and I will put them on here.)

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Thanks to Truman Mitchell for sending me this picture of my 
3 great-grandfather

William "Billie"  Eads

southwestern VA ancestors
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Thanks to Robert B. Basham, descended from Hilery Hatcher Basham, brother of Mary Elizabeth Basham, for sending me this picture of my 3 great-grandparents:

James Vaughn Mitchell
Mary Elizabeth Basham

Privettes of Washington Co Va genealogy
The Privet Boys

Left to right:
George Curtis, James "Jimmy" Woodard, Joseph Clyde


genealgoy research of Washington Co VA

Left to right (above):  Nellie Privette Blaylock, Patsy Eugenia Blaylock, 
Judy Elizabeth Blaylock, Sherron "Sherry"  Blaylock, Dean Treadway, 
Eddie Treadway and Ruth Privette Treadway.

Left to right:  Patsy Blaylock, Judy Blaylock, Sherry Blaylock, Ann Hurt
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Stories, as True as Memory and History Will Allow

Slow-Walkin', Slow Talkin', Music-Makin' Privette Men

Profile of Nannie Elizabeth Eades and Joseph "Hoppy" Privet

Eads Family Bible

Joseph Privett Family information

George Washington is a distant cousin to Nancy Eads Privette

Gascoigne to Gaskins

Sir William Gascoigne, Chief Justice of England

Genealogy of Sir William Gascoigne (until I have time to chart it)

Wengert:  What's in a name?

Will of George W. Morley

Sievely Information

Notes on Basham Connection

William King Eads Namesake

OverMountain Men--our ancestors in the Battle of Kings Mountain, a turning point in the American Revolutionary War

James Pleasant  Fina Lowe's great-grandfather, born in Botetort Co., VA, died in Carter Co., TN, married Elizabeth Wengert from Pennsylvania.  Served for the Union during the Civil War.



Historical Records on Benjamin Taylor and wife Elizabeth and James Basham and Frances Taylor

Legal Transactions of John Taylor and Ann Vezey and George Vezey and Benjamin Taylor

Joseph Whitaker Will

Notes on Griffith "Grifey" Lewis, an Arthur Blaylock ancestor

Major John Lewis

John Lewis Homesite

John Lewis Cemetery Records

Lewis Family Notes

John Lewis Family

Our famous uncle, Andrew Lewis

Lewis Information

Josiah Brown  church photo and cemetery records

Michael Braun's Immigration from Germany

Michael Braun Will

1910 Census Records Washington Co --Joe Blaylock

1910 Census Records Washington Co --Samuel Blaylock

History of Washington County, Virginia


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