Legal Transactions of John Taylor and Ann Vezey,
George Vezey and Benjamin Taylor

OCCU PLAC Planter/Merchant EVEN TYPE OTHER PLAC Justice; VestrymanContinued from John Taylor the father. Book B, p. 76, Northern Neck Grants John and Thomas Taylor of Northumberland C. in 1704 receive a grant (or deed) of certain tracts of land, 1st, 200 A. granted to James Jones bypat. Sept. 27, 1660, and by him sold to John Taylor, deceased father ofsd Thomas and John, and 699 A. granted to John Taylor, father, by pat.1666, joins land possessed by William Therriatt, and now in possession ofThomas Taylor, Branch of Corotomon River, joins Thomas and GeorgeEverett, Isaac Wall, and John Webb, also joins Lazarus Taylor, EdmondBaysey's land, Richar d Condit, and joins some land formerly belonging toWilliam Therriatt. O. B. 1699-1713, Northumberland Co. Edmond Basie brings suit vs. John Taylor for share of land - and this waslaid off accordingly, 1702. In will of Edmond Basie Sr. of Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co.written Oct. 2, 1714, he named, brothers, John and Thomas Taylor. O. B. 1699-1713 John Taylor and his brother Lazarus sons of John and Alice Taylor, married sisters, Ann and Mary Veze or Vezey, daughters of George Vezey of Lancaster Co. Their brother, Thomas Taylor, married Elizabeth Therriatt, daughter of William Therriatt, and granddaughter of Dominick Therriatt, also of Lancaster Co. Lancaster Co. Book 7, p. 21 *Taylor to Taylor, deed Nov. 13, 1689. Lazarus Taylor of Wicomico Parish,Northampton Co. planter, and Mary his wife to John Taylor Jr. land in Parish of White Chapel, Lancaster Co. granted by patent unto George Vezey Sept. 2, 1663, one tract. Other tract pat. by George Vezey Sept. 18,1665. Sd land was given by will of George Vezey to only son Thomas Vezey, who deceased without will or issue, so land descended unto Ann, wife of John Taylor, and Mary wife of Lazarus Taylor, in co-partnership; the sd Ann and Mary being sisters of the whole blood unto the sd Thomas Vezey deceased. Edwin Conway, Sarah Conway, witnesses. The exact date of the death of John Taylor II of Wicomico Parish is not known, but it is between Oct. 11, 1714, when his will is written and April 10, 1717, when the following deed is made in Lancaster Co., Vol.11, p. 74, April 10, 1717. John Taylor & Moses Taylor, Executors of the last will and testament of John Taylor deceased, late of Northumberland Co. Gent. dec'd slaves to Daniel McCarty of Westmoreland Co. and John Taylor of Richmond Co. Gent. Lancaster Co., May 1, 1717 In a transaction, Barbara Tayloe, widow of Joseph Tayloe, mentions slaves bought of John and Moses Taylor, executors of last will of John Taylor deceased of Northumberland Co., & 300 A. of land in Christ Church Parish, Lancaster Co. bought of John and Moses Taylor of Joseph Tayloe, late husband of Barbara. Lancaster Co., April 12, 1745 Deed from Shapleigh Neale to George Conway, 250 A. of land lately bought by sd Neale of James Taylor Nov. 11, 1742, and given to James Taylor by will of his father John Taylor, between lands of Moses and Lazarus Taylor, and the land lately sold to Edmonds and Selden which did belong to Benjamin and Thomas Taylor brothers of sd James and Moses Taylor. Isaac Taylor a witness. The book containing the will of John Taylor II is missing as in the case of his father, but from the preceding citations of his will, we know that John Taylor and wife, Ann Vezey, had sons John, Moses, Thomas, James and Benjamin.


*Eva Taylor was daughter of James Ball. Until the decease of his father in 1702, John Taylor was termed John Taylor, Jr., and occasionally it was John Taylor, merchant. Northumberland County Records show that John Taylor, Jr., brought in linen cloth of his own manufacture, 50 yards, in 1683. John Taylor, merchant, vs Bartholomew Schrever and wife Mary, late executor of Capt. William Lee, 1703. In Bruce's Economic History of Virginia, we see where "John Tailler brought over supplies in early times." Could this be the person to whom reference is made? The Order Books show that Capt. John Howson and Mr. John Taylor were sworn Justices, March 2, 1711. May 20, 1713, Capt. John Howson and Mr. John Taylor take oath as Justices. In Wicomico Parish Book, Dec. 27, 1703. Mr. John Taylor, Mr. Sam'l Mahane, Mr. John Harris, Mr. Hancock Lee, Mr. Bartholomew Schriver, Mr.Thomas Gaskins, Mr. Richard Lattimer are named as vestrymen. The last time Mr. John Taylor's name appears as vestryman of Wicomico Church is Oct. 23, 1712/3. Later Mr. John Taylor and Capt. Argyle Taylor appear in same office. We have given will of John Taylor son of John Taylor II, and will give a few records of his brothers, Moses, Thomas, James and Benjamin. *Should read Lazarus Taylor of Wicomico Parish, Northumberland Co.