Descendents of John Barker, Sr. and Martha Snead

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Generation No. 1

1. John2 Barker, Sr. (Edward1) (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.) was born 1732 in St. Pauls Parrish, Hanover County, VA (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), and died Aft. 1796 in Washington County, VA (Source: Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 13741.). He married Martha Snead (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.). She was born 1725 in Hanover County, VA (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), and died in probably Washington County, VA.

Notes for John Barker, Sr.:
Even though the following newspaper article is not necessarily historically accurate, I list this article about the "great" Barker family reunion for several reasons.

First, I needed a theme to tie my web page together and make it more interesting to the viewer. Mary Kate Barker, daughter of William Jasper Barker Sr., sent her copy of the article to one of her cousins and eventually a copy of it was mailed to my father. At the time, my father could only identify a few groups of people mentioned even though he had a passion for any information about his heritage. In the age before the Internet and nearly instant communication, my father and other related Barkers often had little success gathering this information. As a starting place for my own search, this newspaper article has been invaluable.

This article also depicts life around the turn of the century and the reunion was located in Mendota, the area of the Barker settlement in Washington County, Virginia, and where many of their descendants are still living today.

I also list this newspaper article here to show that many of these turn-of-the-century descendants actually knew each other and probably knew how they were related to one other. Some traveled from adjacent counties over mountainous terrain to attend this reunion in an era when travel was much more difficult than today. Obviously, kinship was important to them. Many of the living, "turn-of-the-millennium" Barkers have forgotten this and how they are related to others. This kinship and heritage shouldn't be lost forever.

Of those attending who have been identified, all are descendants of John Barker and Martha Snead.

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From: The Bristol News, Weekly Edition Tuesday, December 4, 1906
Barker Reunion at Mendota. A SUNDAY SPENT WITH THE BARKERS.
Descendants of an Old English Family --- A Large Number Present---Address by Dr. W. M. Barker.

The quiet little village of Mendota that lies nestled at the foot of Clinch mountain where rolls the North Fork of the Holston, was aroused from its slumbers on Sunday morning, November 25th, by the tramp of horses and the rumble of vehicles, as they gathered about the Baptist Church in the central part of the town.

The occasion of the gathering was the great Barker reunion and the coming together of so many of that name, has aroused quite an interest in that old family of Virginia, and especially in this part of the Old Dominion where dwell so many who are in some way connected with the aforementioned people.

The Mendota gathering was mainly from three counties, Washington, Scott and Lee.

Rev William Millard Barker, D. D., of Kentucky, was made the guest of honor, and he addressed the large assemblage of people, who listened intently for more than an hour.

The Barker family originated in England with a family of tanners, and took their name from the practice of peeling bark from the trees for use their business. The name has been corrupted in some instances into Barkley, Barksfur, and Barkman. All these names come from the same parentage, and properly belong to the Barker family.

English history and archives record several dukes and baronets among this family.

Three prominent families of this name emigrated to America early in the sixteenth century, one landing on the New England coast, one on the Virginia coast, and one on the Carolina coast. From the second mentioned family come all the Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania Barkers. Of this family is the Hon Wharton Barker, who was nominated for President of the United States by the Populist party some years ago.

The present Rear Admiral Barker, of the United States navy, and the Rev. W. M. Barker, D. D., of Kentucky, editor of the Baptist Flag, one of the most widely circulated papers of the South, published at Fulton, Ky., are also of this old Virginia family. From this branch, too, are some noted women. It is related that one Elizabeth Barker refused an offor of marriage from Thomas Jefferson and afterwards married Colonel Rolston, of North Carolina.

These incidents are merely mentioned to show the capabilities of this strain of people, who as a whole are characterized by principles of bravery, honesty and a simple unostentatious and modest intellectuality that has here and there produced some vigorous characters in all prominent callings of American activities.

The Barker blood, brawn and brains, above all else, believes in fair play and free exercise for all. They love peace, but are willing to fight for it if necessary.

From Calverhall in the parish of Aderly, England, the pathway of the progenitor of this family, whose name is now legion, is more or less dimly traced through the sonny clime of Wales in the reign of Edward II, until he begins to help make history at Jamestown, Virginia, and all along we may find here and there the pages illuminated by his faithful contributions to the great charter of English liberties, American independence, the subjugation and plenishing of the colonies, ever contributing a wide and numerous citizenship famed for modesty and to crime unknown.

The reunion was quite a success, and the day was most pleasantly spent.

It was impossible to see and get the names of all those present, but among the large assemblage, we note the following:

Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Barker and children, H.C., Bonnie, and Mima, of Mendota, VA. (Frank M. Barker, Mary Elizabeth Hendricks Barker, Hendricks Carl Barker, Bonnie Winoah Barker, Mima Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Barker and children, C. M., Hattie F., W. K., K. S., Charmie D., E. J., and Opal C., of Mendota, VA. (Elbert Sevier Barker, Rebecca Ann Kaylor, Carson M. Barker, Hattie Fay Barker, W. K. Barker, King Samuel Barker, Charmye D. Kaylor Barker, Ernest Jackson Barker, Opal C. Barker (Opal T. Barker))

Mr. and Mrs. F. Melvin Barker, of Mendota, VA.

Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Barker and son, J. T., of Ravens Nest, VA. (William Jasper Barker, Dora Lee Hendricks Barker and son, Joseph Thomas Barker. Another child born soon after this reunion, Mary Kate Barker, supplied us with a copy of this newspaper article)

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Barker and children, A.S., M. W., B. F., M. K., Alta Fay, and E. N. J., of Ravens Nest, VA. (Jessie B. Barker and Elizabeth Van Hook Barker, Alvin Spencer Barker, Mamie W. Barker, Benjamin F. Barker, Mary Kate Barker, Alta Fay Barker, Eliza N. J. Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G. Barker, of Ravens Nest, and their children, Mrs. M. E. Godsey, Bristol, Tenn.; W. J., Ravens Nest Va.; S. F., and Amanda, of Ravens Nest, Va., and Mrs. E. M. Horne, Zenobia, Va. (Joseph Gaddy Barker, Jr. (my gg-grandfather), Mary Jane Hensley Barker, Martha Emily Barker , William Jasper Barker, Sherwood Frederick Barker, Mary M. Barker and Elizabeth M. Barker Horn)
(Raven's Nest was on the north side of the river between Mendota and Zenobia)

Ms. W. W. Barker, of Abrams Falls, VA., and her children, C. T., Gate City, Va.; Francis, Nickelsville, VA.; A. C., E. L., Abrams Falls, Va., Mrs. M. E. Statzer, Blackwood, Va., Amelda, and W. R., of Abrams Falls, Va. (Sarah Sproles Barker, Connelly T. Barker, Frances A. Barker Moore, Almos C. Barker, Elbert Lewis Barker, Lucy Amelda Barker and William R. Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Barker and children, Homer, Kelly, Nelson, and John, of Snowflake, Va. (Elbert Samuel Barker, Sr. (my g-grandfather), Hannah Melford McConnell Barker, William Homer Barker (my grandfather) , Kelly Fuller Barker, Charles Nelson Barker, John Fugate Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Barker and children, Hayter, and Onete, of Ravens Nest, Va. (Sherwood Frederick Barker (Joseph Gaddy Barker, Jr.'s son) Hester Fleenor, Guy Hayter Barker, Onete? )

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Barker, of Benhams, Va., and their children, Sudie Barker, Abrams Falls, VA. ; Alvin, Zion, and Emma, of Benhams, Va., R. F. D. no. 2. (Robert Marshall Barker, wife Elizabeth Ruth Gumm Barker, Susan Selena Barker, Alvin Barker, Zion Thomas Barker, Emma G. Barker)

Dr. C. T. Barker and wife, of Gate City, VA. (Dr. Connally T. Barker and Nancy J. Smith Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. George W. M. Barker and children, J. V., J. C., Maggie M., Amanda, Wm. N., and Q. C., of Benhams, VA, R. F. D. No. 2. (Rev. George W. M. Barker, Nancy Carmody Barker, John V. Barker, James Calvin Barker, Maggie Matilda Barker, Amanda R. Barker, William Montero "Tero" Barker, Isaac C. Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Barker and children, Nelson, Matilda, Ollie, Beula, and Baxter, of Benhams, Va, R. D. F. No. 2. (John B. F. Barker, Eva D. Stratton Barker, Nelson Barker, Ollie Grace Barker, Buela J. Barker, Baxter Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Barker and children, Mrs. Mollie P. Moore, M. C., John E., Myrtle, Wm. K., Gratton, Minerva, and R. E., of Dryden, VA. (Rev. Joseph Banyon Barker, Katherine Elizabeth Reece, Mary Palestine Barker Moore, May C. Barker, John Elbert Barker, Myrtle Susan Barker, William K. Barker, Gratton Lee Barker, Minerva Barker, unknown)

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry M. Barker and children, C H , and Neal, of Ravens Nest, Va. (Jeremiah Barker, Dora Mae Adams Barker, Carl H. Barker, Neal Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Barker and children, O. H., and Jeremiah, of Ravens Nest, VA. (Edmond Barker, Hannah Gobble, Oliver H. Barker and Jeremiah Barker)

Mrs. Sarah L. Barker, of Mendota, VA.

Johnathan Barker, of Ketrons, Va. (Possibly Johnathan T. "Tudd" Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Barker and little daughter, Maggie Lou, of Mendota, Va. (Peter Livingston Barker, Martha C. Kaylor and Maggie Lou Barker)

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Barker, of Abrams Falls, Va., and their children, Cicero, A. J., Benhams, Va., R. F. D. No. 2: Vastine, Abrams Falls, VA.; Geo. W., Clinchport, Va.; and H. J., Duffield, Va. (James Madison Barker, Martha Clark Barker, Cicero Barker, Andrew Jackson Barker, Thomas Vastine Barker, George W. Barker, Henry Jefferson Barker)

Mrs. Nannie Barker and children, C. P., Mary Barker of Mendota, Va,

S. E. Barker and Ingle Barker, of Maces Spring, Va. (Squire Elkannah Barker and his son Ingle William Barker)

Rev. William Millard Barker, D. D., editor of the Baptist Flag, Fulton, Ky. This gentleman is the instigator of this reunion., and it is not here out of place to give a brief sketch of this noted gentleman and noted divine. He was born Nov. 17th, 1852, in the valley near Hiltons, Va., and with his father´┐Żs family emigrated to Kentucky , and has since led a pious, useful life. During his two weeks stay near the tramping ground of his early boyhood days, he has met and mingled with many of his old playmates, although many have scattered to different parts of the United States, while many others have passed the gates eternal, where reunions never break up and fellowship has no end.

(Rev. William Millard Barker was the son of the Rev. Sherwood Millard Barker, Jr. who was the son of Rev. Joseph Gaddy Barker, Sr.)
Colonial Barker family history:

John Barker, Sr. and his family seem to have been settled in Henry County, VA before migrating as a family to Washington County, VA. I have no definite information on them in Henry County before 1778 but it appears that they all sold their land in Henry County and resettled in Washington County at about the same time. Some members of the Bays family, related to the Barkers, also moved from Henry County to Washington County at about the same time. Since the time of all these recorded events, the given names, and known related families all seem to correspond, the idea that the Barkers were settled in Henry County before moving to Washington County seems to be established. I list the information I have chronologically and admit my understanding of our early family history is limited at this time. Several other cousins are working on this and more information should become available in the future.

Tax Lists of Henry County, Virginia by Lela C. Adams:
p. 9 1778 Barker, John - Dbl tax
A double tax in Henry County at that time indicates that John Barker, Sr. refused an oath of loyalty to the State of Virginia. He apparently was still loyal to England even though his son, Thomas O. Barker, was probably a Revolutionary War Continental soldier at the time and his other sons were not double taxed. They apparently had already taken the oath and were against Bristish rule. This picture of our early family history is sketchy at best but perhaps this is the first known Barker family "generation gap". And, as we shall see in other generations, we are not the first in the family to live in challenging and confusing times. Regardless, John Barker, Sr. seems to have taken the oath before "tax season" the next year.

Barker, John
Barker, Joseph
Barker, Charles
Barker, Michael
Bays, Peter, Sr.- Dbl tax
Bays, Peter, Jr. - Dbl tax
Sneed, John
p.21 1779 Barker, John
Barker, John
Barker, Michael
Bays, Peter, Sr.-Treble tax
Sneed, John
p. 1780 1780 Barker, John (Smith's River) John Jr. seems to have land on Smith's River whereas John, Sr. bought on land on Spoon Creek (now in Patrick County).
Barker, John
Barker, Michael
Bays, Peter
Bays, Peter, Jr.
Sneed, John
History of Patrick and Henry Counties Virginia by Virginia G. and Lewis G. Pedigo. Henry County Commonwealth's Grants or Patents. Authors state, "Copied verbatim from the Land Office of Richmond, Virginia." p319. Book G. Page 207. 1 June 1782. John Barker, 458 acres on the North Fork of Spoon Creek.
Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books III and IV by Lela C. Adams So. Hist. Press p. 102:
John Day of Kentucky Country to Jacob Adams, Jr. of Henry County for the sum of fifty pounds sells and conveys a parcel of land on the north fork of Spoon Creek, it being the land and plantation where he lately lived and since rented to James Hale by estimate 140 acres. This being part of a 458 acre land grant by patent to John Barker dated 1 June 1782 and conveyed to said John Day. Signed: John Day Wit: James (x) Hale, William (x) Mannen, John Mely. Proved 25 Apr. 1791
Courtesy Sue Elfving:
Henry Co. PP Tax List (microfilm of original).
1782 - Thomas Barker...1 white tithe
1783 - Michael Barker..1 wm>21
- John Jr & John Senior with Senior paying the tax and Junr <21
History of Patrick and Henry Counties Virginia by Virginia G. and Lewis G. Pedigo. Henry County Commonwealth's Grants or Patents. Authors state, "Copied verbatim from the Land Office of Richmond, Virginia." Book K. Page 246. 14 Feb 1784. John Barker. 181 acres on the branches of Spoon Creek.
Henry County, Virginia Deed Books I and II by Lela C. Adams
p.132 Deed Book pages 447, 448. 25 March 1784. John Barker of Henry County to John Day for the sum of one hundred pounds sells land being 258 acres more or less on the north fork of Spoon Creek with Reynolds line. Signed: John (x) Barker
p.133 Deed Book page 453. 25 March 1784. John Barker, Sr. and ___ his wife of Henry County to Jesse Reynolds for the sum of one hundred pounds sell land on the north fork of Spoon Creek containing by estimate 200 acres. Joins line of Ward. Signed: John (x) Barker.
Courtesy Sue Elfving (con't)
1784 - John Jr & Sr Barker..2wm>21 Sr pd the tax\\
- Charles Barker.......1wm>21
- Thomas Barker........1wm>21
1785 - Thomas Barker........1wm>21
John, Charles, John Jr......3wm>21 [Sr paying tax]
1786 - All are listed separately (John, John Sr, Charles, Thomas) and
John Sr. shows no tithables.
1787 - John Sr & Jr together again, others are gone
1788 - No Barkers listed.
Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books III and IV by Lela C. Adams:
p. 65 Deed Book Page 480: 2 Dec. 1788. John Barker, Sr. of Henry County to Andrew Wolverton of the same for the consideration of fifty pounds sells and conveys 100 acres of land on Spoon Creek. Signed: John (x) Barker, Sr. Wit: Samuel Staples, James (x) Taylor, William (x) Keaton, Jesse Raynolds, Joseph Stovall. Proved 12 Jan. 1789.
Court Order Book "O" Patrick County, Virginia June 1791 - August 1800 by Lela C. Adams
page 7. Garner vs Barker
page 9. Keaton vs Barker, Def confessed judgement, granted stay of one month.
page 50. Barker vs Mayberry
El Barker vs Martin
Mayberry vs Barker
(Which Barkers involved in these early litigations unknown. The text from these may still be available and prove to be very interesting).


After the Revolutionary War our family history can be better documented. I believe this might be John, Sr.'s first settlement in Washington County:

Surveyed for John Barker assignee of James Fulkerson one hundred seventy five acres of land in Washington County by virtue of a Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 13741 lying between the two wolf runs, waters of the North Holstein River & south of said river and bounded as followeth, to-wit: Beginning on the North bank of upper wolf run at a buckeye (auch) sugartree and running thence N32W102 poles up the point of the ridge dividing the two Wolf runs to a black oak near the top of the said ridge, N40E87 poles to a chestnut near the top of the said ridge, N40W22 poles to a chestnut oak on top of said ridge, N40E53 poles to s stooping chestnut oak on top of the said ridge, N72E53 poles to a black gum in a thicket on said ridge, S40E65 poles to a white oak and maple near the bank of the upper wolf run, S37W310 poles to the Beginning. February the 3rd 1796 Elijah Gillenwaters, Asst Robert Preston SWCw

Children of John Barker and Martha Snead are:
+ 2 i. Rev. Thomas O.3 Barker, born 1756 in Bedford County, VA; died Bef. March 14, 1845 in Washington County, VA.
+ 3 ii. John Barker, Jr., born Bef. 1758; died August 14, 1846 in Iradell County, NC.
4 iii. Joel Barker (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), born Abt. 1758 (Source: Lela C. Adams, Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books I and II, Joel was at least 21 years old when Land survey was made.). He married Mary Ann Unknown (Source: DAR Application of Greta Barker Blair, (the couple sold land in Russell Co. Va in 1797 - moved? ).).
Notes for Joel Barker:
Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books I and II Including Surveys by Lela C. Adams:
9.149 Survey for Joel Barker on Mayo River Acreage 288 (surveys from this list between June 10, 1779 to June 10, 1780 by John Dickenson and his associates).
History of Patrick and Henry Counties Virginia by Virginia G. and Lewis G. Pedigo. Henry County Commonwealth's Grants or Patents. Authors state, "Copied verbatim from the Land Office of Richmond, Virginia." Book G. Page 207. Joel Barker. 1 June 1782. 107 acres, on the branches of Mayo River, adjoining Randolph, Dickens, etc.
Abstracts of Henry County, Virginia Deed Books I and II Including Surveys by Lela C. Adams:
130 Deed Pages 437, 438. Nov 1783. Joel Barker of the county of Henry to Abraham Penn for the sum of fifty pounds sells land on the branches of the Mayo River containing 288 acres beginning at Lynch's corner, Dickens and Randolph's lines. Signed: Joell Barker. Wit: Isaac McDonald, Charles Hibbert, William (x) Sharp.
Page 491 - Joel Barker - 50 ac - treasury warrant #10940 dated February 12, 1782 - on Smith's Creek of both sides - corner to Leighton Smith - June 14, 1797
Joel Barker's birth date has never been established. He is supposed to be almost as old as his brother Charles. He is the only Joel Barker I've found that could be old enough to be one of the Overmountain Men from Washington County who fought at King's Mountain during the Revolutionary War on October 7, 1780.
Fought at King's Mountain: Name/County
BARKER, Charles Washington
BARKER, Edmund Washington
BARKER, Edward Washington
BARKER, Enoch Washington
BARKER, Henry Washington
BARKER, Joel Washington
Joel seems to be the same Joel mentioned in in these early Washington County Treasury Warrants. Washington County, VA Survey records abstracts 1781-1797 Part 4 of 5 (pages 301-400) Submitted to the USGenWeb archives and copyrighted by Rhonda Robertson
page 432 - Joel Barker - 65 ac - treasury warrant #10094 dated December 21, 1781 - on and between Livingston's Creek, a south branch of the north fork of Holstein River and Talley's branch - on the south side of a ridge dividing the north fork and Livingstons Creek - passing Thomas Smith's north corner - near the Sugar Valley - February 4, 1795
Surveyed for Joel Barker Fifty acres of land in Washington County by virtue of a Virginia Land Office Treasury Warrant No. 10940, and gated the 12th day of February 1782, lying on Smith's Creek of both sides, viz: Beginning at the white oak in a hollow of a ridge corner to Leighton Smith funning with his line, thence S8 W155 poles crossing said creek to a alum & beech on a hill side leaving said line S63 E32 poles to two sugartrees: N86E38 poles to a spanish oak and sugartree: S57E60 poles to a poplar, N40E32 poles crossing the creek to a spanish oak, n07W34 poles to anash and white oak, N70W106 poles to a white oak, N38E57 poles to a white oak and a flat oak, N70E60 poles to the head of a hollow thence, N56W92 poles to the Beginning Elijah Gillenwaters, Asst June the 14th 1797 Variation 3'-36" westwardly Robt Preston SWC
According to the Edmond Barker ledger, Joel eventually settled in "American Bottoms". A quick search of the U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR U.S. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY suggests that American Bottoms might be in either in Madison County, IL, Greene County, IN or Livingston County, MO.
Joel Barker is probably the same Joel Barker mentioned in the Petition to form Russell County in December 1785 and listed in the 1790 Russell Co Virginia Personal Property Tax List.
No Barker researcher has found any trace of him or of any of his descendents since he moved from Washington County, VA.

+ 5 iv. Charles Barker, Sr., born May 10, 1763 in Hanover County, VA; died August 29, 1841 in Kinderhook, Washington County, VA.
+ 6 v. Rachel Barker, born 1765 in Virginia; died Abt. 1848.
7 vi. Susan Barker (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), born 1765 in Virginia (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.).
Notes for Susan Barker:
They Went Thataway Volume I by Charles Hughes Hamlin Copyright 1964 Page 85
Lee County, Virginia, Order Book 5 (1840-6), page 274-

August 22, 1843 - David Little, Gentlemen, who has been duly licensed to practice law IN THE COURTS OF THE STATE OF KENTUCKY, on his motion, has leave to practice in this Court, and thereupon, he took the oath of an attorney-at-law. (He was age 21 this year. -- CH.)

Comment by CHH: This is Colonel David Yancey Little, son of Harrington Little, who left Lee County, Virginia and lived awhile in HARLAN COUNTY, KENTUCKY before settling in MANCHESTER, CLAY COUNTY, KENTUCKY, where he died. From a photostat copy of the Little Family Bible, it was disclosed that David Yancey Little was born January 27, 1822, son of Harrington Little and his wife, Susanna Bays (Bayse), daughter of Peter Bays (Bayse) and his wife, Susanna Barker of Russell County, Virginia, and that he was married first July 18, 1844 Drucilla Posey Brittain, daughter of General George Brittain, OF KNOX AND HARLAN COUNTIES, KENTUCKY and his second wife, Nancy Posey, who was the daughter of Benjamin Posey and his wife, Susanna Caldwell, daughter of Captain David Chadwell. The Bible further reveals that David Y. Little (Lyttle) and his first wife, Drucilla Posey Brittain, had the following children:

1. George Brittain Little, born July 19, 1845
2. Dale Carter Little, born June 7, 1847
3. Carlo Brittain Little, born March 10, 1850
4. Louisa M. Little, born April 19, 1852
5. William B. Little, born June 20, 1854
6. Nancy E. A. Little, born August 25, 1856, (married December 23, 1875,
Andrew Jackson Hacker of CLAY CO. KY.)
7. John James Little, born November 20, 1858
8. Sallie Susan Little, born August 22, 1860
9. Robert E. Lee Little, born September 30, 1863
10. Daniel G. Little, born October 25, 1865

David Yancey Little died March 5, 1904, (82 years 1 mo. 8 days) having had 3 other wives and ten more children, of whose records are also in my files.

8 vii. Elizabeth Betsy Barker (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), born 1769 in Virginia (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.).
9 viii. Mary Polly Barker (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.), born 1773 (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.); died January 14, 1844 (Source: E-mail from Arthur Scott Clark.).