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Genealogy Charts:
Blaylock ~ Privette ~ Canter ~ Whittaker ~ Lowe ~ Eads ~ Booher
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Family Genealogy Histories:

Canters Genealogy History SW VA and TN (includes photos)
Canter Genealogy Connecting MD-Ohio-VA
Martin Booher Family Genealogy
John Booher Family Genealogy

Biographies, Documentation, Photos:

Slow-Walkin', Slow Talkin', Music-Makin' Privette Men
Profile of Nannie Elizabeth Eades and Joseph "Hoppy" Privet
Eads Family Bible
Joseph Privett Family information

1790 Charles Co., MD Census  ~ Canters
1840 Charles Co., MD Census ~ Canters

Wengert:  What's in a name?
Will of George W. Morley
Sievely Information

Notes on Basham Connection
Joseph Whitaker Will
Notes on Griffith "Grifey" Lewis, an Arthur Blaylock ancestor
Michael Braun's Immigration from Germany
Michael Braun Will
164th VA Militia Washington County, VA

Recent History:

Bobby Joe Blaylock
Gail's Garden
Lowe Family Reunion Photos 2004



Maybe So List:  researchers have made connections with our family to these families, but I have not found the documentation necessary to accept these fully.  When/if I do I will move them out of this table and into the regular list.

Historical Records on Benjamin Taylor and wife Elizabeth and James Basham and Frances Taylor

Legal Transactions of John Taylor and Ann Vezey and George Vezey and Benjamin Taylor

Major John Lewis

John Lewis Homesite

John Lewis Cemetery Records

Lewis Family Notes

John Lewis Family

Andrew Lewis

Lewis Information

George Washington is a distant cousin to Nancy Eads Privette

Gascoigne to Gaskins

Sir William Gascoigne, Chief Justice of England

Genealogy of Sir William Gascoigne (until I have time to chart it)