Joseph Sievely got a land grant from Lord Fairfax in the Shenandoah Valley about 1750.


Joseph arrived in Philadelpohia on Sept. 30, 1743 on ship "Robert and Alice", commanded by Hartley Cussack, from Rotterdam, Holland and Cowes, England.


They were from Switzerland, and they fled to Germany during the Reformation

Sivley is a German name with permutations of Sibley, Scheibly, Ziebly, Scheible. Earliest record in Pennsylvania is 1731.
Faye J. Sivley says the original name was Ziebly in Germany.

A will in Frederick Co., Virginia dated 1761, John Sivley is named in Lawrence Butler's will.

A land lease in Frederick Co., Virginia: from Lord Fairfax to Joseph Sievley and
sons, John and Adam.

From Judy Sivley 1999:
"In 1743 Joseph sailed from Rotterdam on the ship "Robert Alice". He leased 650 acres of land in Fredrick County, Virginia from Lord Fairfax. Joseph was listed as a Lutheran. Later the family became Methodists. In Rotterdam the family name had been spelled Zievely. It is believed that they had come originally from Germany. Perhaps they had gone to Rotterdam to escape religious persecution as many protestants had at that time. Often many of the earliest Sivleys could not read nor write and therefore the name is spelled many different ways, often this makes it hard to trace our ancestors.

"One of Joseph's sons was Jacob (our line). He had five siblings. All of them had immigrated to Pennsylvania and were called Pennsylvania Dutch. [Note: if Joseph settled in Fredrick County, Virginia, when did his sons leave to go to Pennsylvania? Also see the following ]. Later they all moved to Virginia. Most of the boys had also fought in the Revolution. ....Sivley's were among the the early settlers of the Pennsylvania Dutch. The first Sivley found on record in this country is in 1731, therefore the name could have been spelled differently.

"One of the brothers (Peter) settled in Tennessee. Jacob also went to Jefferson County, Tennessee then to Madison County, Alabama. Joseph Jr. possibly to Kentucky. And yet records show a Joseph Seevily still in Rockingham County in 1810 [Joseph Jr.?] Two of the sisters who married Walters (brothers or cousins?) went to Texas with spouses. Eve's second husband, George Safely (Saffley) was still in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1810.

"Records also show a Joseph Aldorpha (Alldaffer) who married a Margaret Sivley who was still in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1810.

"1815-George Safely and Joseph Aldorpha were involved in Catherine Seavly's bond when she died in Rockingham County, Virginia.

"The earliest Sivley found in records to date is listed in a will in Frederick County, Virginia. Lawrence Butler mentions John Sivley in his will dated 1731, but does not state the relationship. The next one on record is also in Frederick County, Virginia. That is the leasing of the 650 acres mentioned above. This mentions Joseph having had two sons--John and Adam and is dated 1761.

"Records show Joseph Seivley 1785 leaving in his will things to each of his children and his widow. In 1783 the census shows Catherine Sievley as head os house with nine in family, showing that Joseph had been dead at least two years. Joseph may have had brothers in Shenandoah County, Virginia, ther is a Mathias Sivy listed with 10 in the family. In Wilkes County, Georgia 1796 there is an Abraham Sivley and wife Judith, six children and their married names (John Sivley m. to Lucy Wilcher 1807; Sara Sivley m. Robert Woodruff 1799; Dolford Sivley m. Elza Edmunds 1801; William Sivley m. Barbara Loggins 1800; Stephen Sivley and Adalford Sivley.) The John Sivley in the 1731 will may also have been Joseph's brother or could have been his father."

Referrences: Lost Links by Ethel Sively Moore (reprinted 1975)
Rupp's Thirty Thousand Immigrants

Settlement of Will of Joseph Sievely 1785
To Catherine--Widow, one-third interest, 156 lbs. 11 shil. 5 pence
To Catherine--Daughter, wife of Mathias Will, 27 lbs 2 shil. 10 pence
To Barbara--Daughter, wife of Calip Arey, 27 lbs, 2 shil. 10 pence
To Sarah--Daughter, wife of John Walters, 27 lbs. 2 shil. 10 pence
To Peter--Son, 27 lbs. 2 shil. 10 pence
To Elizabeth--Daughter, wife of Thomas Walters, 27 lbs. 2 shil. 10 pence
To Eve--Daughter, widow of George Donnelly Brown, 27 lbs. 2 shil. 10 pence

The census of Senandoah County, Virginia, 1783, lists Catherine Sievely as head of the house with 9 family members, showing that Joseph had feen dead for two years before the settlement was made.

There was a will filed in 1782 listing all the children as follows:
Jacob, Joseph, Jr., Peter, John George, Barbara, Sara, Elizabeth, Margarette, Magdelene, Mary, Betty, Adam, Eve Brown, and Ann

Marriage 1 Catherine Rush b: BET. 1735 - 1740 in Pennsylvania


  1. Has No Children Adam Sively b: ABT. 1752 in Penneylvania
  2. Has Children John Sievely b: ABT. 1753 in Shaenandoah, Tennessee or Rowen, North Carolina
  3. Has No Children Jacob Sievely b: ABT. 1760 in Virginia
  4. Has No Children Barbara Sievely b: ABT. 1763 in Virginia
  5. Has No Children Sarah Sievely b: ABT. 1764 in Virginia
  6. Has No Children Joseph Sievely b: ABT. 1766 in Virginia
  7. Has No Children Peter Sievely b: ABT. 1768 in Virginia
  8. Has No Children Eilzabeth Sievely b: ABT. 1770 in Virginia
  9. Has No Children Betty Sievely b: ABT. 1772 in Virginia
  10. Has No Children George Sievely b: 27 DEC 1773 in Virginia
  11. Has No Children Magdeline Sievely b: ABT. 1774 in Virginia
  12. Has No Children Margarette Sievely b: ABT. 1776 in Virginia
  13. Has No Children Mary Sivley b: ABT. 1777 in Virginia
  14. Has No Children Anna Sievely b: ABT. 1780 in Shenandoah Co, VA
  15. Has Children Eve Sievely b: BET. 1755 - 1758 in Albemarle or Shenandoah Co., Virgina


Old Sievely Family

Scheibly,Scheible,Ziebly,Sively,Sivley and Scivally are some the ways that the families spell their name. In Rockingham County , Va.( where Catherine move after Joseph died) The name was spell this way: Seftly;Siefle.

As I tell the many lives of the family you will see who spell it which way.

I start by tell you about ETHEL SIVELY MOORE. She published two books on the family (reprinted 1975). “Lost Links” tells of JOSEPH SIEVELY coming to U.S from Germany in 1743. I trace the Joseph in the RUPP’S THIRTY THOUSAND IMMIGRANTS. JOESPH” Ziebly” arrived Philadelphia, Sept 30 1743 on the “ROBERT AND ALICE” under HARDLY Cussack, Commander, from Rotterdam last from Cowes. Schieble is German spelling for Sievely. A German friend of my, tells that me with way we pronounce our name in English the German spelling most be Schieble. Scheible family comes from Knittlingen, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany or that general area around Maulbronn. They were from Switzerland, and they fled to Germany during the Reformation

I know that Joseph Sievely married Catharine. It is know that they married in Pa and stay there for a time. Went they move to Va. They had some of their children with them. The earliest Sively Found in our records to date is listed in a will in Frederick, Co. (it is best note at this time that the counties in Virginia change names a lot. Shenandoah County was the following: 1721-1734 SPOTSYLVANIA, 1734-1745 ORANGE COUNTY,1743-1772 FREDERICK,1745-1753 AUGUSTA COUNTY, AND 1772- UP SHENANDOAH COUNTY( NAMED DUNMORE) This sent to me by Joe Baker who search the records for me in Virginia).LAWRENCE BULTER mentions John Sively in his will dated 1731 but not states what his relationship was to John Sivley.( It is thought that this could he Joseph brother).

Book named " LIFE ALONG HOLMAN'S CREEK” by j Floyd Wine.

Lease agreements for Fairfax land were not all recorded. One interesting one on record was my by Fairfax to Joseph Siveley and two sons on Sept 29, 1761 for 640 acres. The indenture states that the lease will be in effect " during the natural lives of him the died Joseph, Adam Sively and John Sively his sons and longest liver of them yielding and paying yearly rent and every year on the 29th day of Sept. The sum of 40 shillings was to be paid. If it shall happen that all or any part of the said yearly rent shall be behind and unpaid for the space of two months in any one year... the said Thomas Lord Fairfax can reenter and reclaim the said leased land." I now have copy of map of Early Land Grants, Leases and Patents. Thanks to Our cousin Katherine Smith.

Bk 6 pg. 420, 29 Sept. 1761 [Lease] Between the Right Honorable Thomas Lord Fairfax Baron of Cameron [to] Joseph Sively of parish & County of Frederick Yeoman ... for and in consideration of Rents & covenants herein after Expressed ... grant to Farm Let unto said Joseph Sively ... Tract of Land Situate lying and being on the Head of Holeman’s Creek and joining the Boundary Line between his Majesty and his Lordship ... containing by a Survey made thereof Six Hundred & forty Acres ... corner to Land Surveyed for Widow Hill Corner to Land Surveyed for Thomas Holman ... for and during the natural lives of him said Joseph Sively Adam Sively and John Sively his Sons Yielding and paying yearly on 29th Sept. the Sum of Forty Shillings

Wit: Gabriel Jones ----- Fairfax Thos Rutherford ---Joseph Sively ((ZE)

Recorded: 2 Dec. 1761

Joseph Sively apparently was living on the land as early as 1752-3 as his widow Catherine, stated in a deposition in 1791, that her husband had obtained and Entry for said tract of land from Lord Fairfax 38 or 39 years ago.

The next mention is also Frederick County, Virginia. It is a lease for 650 acres of land from LORD FAIRFAX to JOSEPH SIEVELY and mentions two son John and Adam. It is dated 1761.This farm was near FORESTVILLE in Shenandoah Co. VA. The land lay on the head of a branch of Holman’s Creek— Adj. the Widow Hill, Wm . McClain and Thomas Hilman, NW of Timber Ridge. The New Market, VA. quadrangle top graphic map (U.S. Geology Survey) is the map for this location. *Joseph "Ziebly" Sievely in Shennadoah County, VA was Farmer. Joseph was a grain and cattle framer. He provides beef for the Army during the revolutionary War. * This another story the like to tell, but I have no proof on this. If someone has this proof of the Joseph records for the beef to army. Please let me know.


Page 20: Dumore County; (John Roller) of Frederick Co.; Survey (1) no wart, survd in the name of no individual on 1 Nov 1749; 640 a of waste land in Augusta Co. on boundary line & head of Holeman’s Crk.; adj Widow Hill, William Mackelan, Thomas Holman- CC-Thomas Holeman & Henry Brock. Marker Christn Funkhouser.

N. D. _Caveat entered by Josph Shively Tenant to his lordship 22 July 1771- His Lordship wishes lines of Joseph Shively’s Tract (leased from his Lordship) to be examined.

I own a copy Lord Fairfax land record showing Joseph Sively land.

SETTLEMENT OF JOSEPH SIEVELY 1785: Note all of his children are not mention.

To CATHERINE---WIDOW OF JOSEPH SIEVELY. One third interest, 156 lbs. 11shil, 5 pence

To CATHERINE- Daughter, Wife of MATHIAS WILL, 27lbs, 2shil, 10 pence

To BARBARA- Daughter, wife of CALIP AREY 27lbs, 2shil, 10 pence

To SARAH- Daughter, wife of JOHN WALTERS 27lbs 2shil 10pence

To PETER –Son 27lbs 2shil 10 pence

To ELIZABETH- Daughter, Wife of THOMAS WALTERS 27Lbs 2shil 10pence

To EVE-Daughter, Widow of a BROWN 27lbs 2shil 10 pence

The census of Shenandoah County Va. of 1783 lists Catherine Sievely as head of the house with 9 family, showing that Joseph had been died for two years before the settlement was made.

There was a will filed in 1782 listing all the children as follows:


Catherine is in Shenandoah Co. until at least 1786. She is in Rockingham by or before 1798. See below ...

PERSONAL PROPERTY TAX LISTS: LDS Film 1905722 Shenandoah Co., VA 1782-1799

1783 p 31, Catharine SIEVELY 2 horses, 8 cattle.

1784/5 p 29 Peter SIEVELY 5 horses, 3 cattle; Catharine SIEVELY 4 horses, 9 cattle.

1786 Catherine SIVELY 5 horses 12 cattle. (not listed in 1787)

PROPERTY TAX LISTS: LDS Film 0033451 Rockingham Co. VA

1789 Catherine SIVELY, 78 acres, also 6 acres Joseph ALDORPHA, Jr.

1790 Catharine SIVELY, 78 acres, 6 acres.

1791-92-93 Catharine SIVELA, 78 acres, 6 acres

1794 Catherine SIEVELY, 78 acres, 6 acres

1795 Catherine SIVELY, 78 acres, 6 acres

1796 Catherine SIVELEY, 78 acres, 6 acres.

1797 Catherina SIEVELY, 78 acres, 6 acres.

1798 Catherine SIVELEY, 78 acres, 6 acres.

1799 Catherine SIEVELY, 78 acres. 6 acres.

1800 Catherine SEEVLY, 78 acres, 6 acres.

1801 Catherine SEAVALY, 78 acres, 6 acres

1802-03 Catherine SIEVELY, 78 acres, 6 acres

American Genealogical-Biographical Index (AGBI)

SIEVELY Catharine 175? Virginia Heads of Fams. at the first U.S. census. Va. By U.S. Bureau of the Census. Washington, 1908. (189p.):65

SIEVELY John 175? Virginia, priv. Historical reg. Of Virginians in the Rev., soldiers, saliors and marines, 1775-1783. Ed. By John H. Gwathmey. Richmond, Va. 1938. (13, 872p.):711



The following is list of the Children and their spouses. The appox. born dates came from LDS site. They are listed under SIEVELY name. The name of the pages is INTERNATIONAL GENEALOGICAL INDEX/NORTH AMEICA. IGI Records. I will list the in () for you all and they not listed in the birth order.

After read all the this page and the children pages. Please go the bottom of this page and click on my worldconnect for more information on the children and their children etc

Joseph (abt 1766) m Elizabeth Harry

Joseph Sievely(Sively) family own page on this site look for Joe

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Jacob(abt 1760) m Alicy(Alcey)?

Jacob Sievely(Sivley)family own page on this site look for Jacob

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Peter (abt 1768) m Ruth ( her last name could have been Canterberry)

Peter Sievely (Sivley) family own pages; click here to go to Peter page

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George (abt 1774) m Mary Lamb

George Sievely(Sively)family is it own page on this site look for George

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John( abt 1753) m Leah

John Sievely family own page, click on John to go there

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I DO KNOW THAT JOHN SIEVELY WAS BORN IN NC MUCH LESS IN ROWEN CO.NC. But could have married his wife somewhere in NC. John was in Rev War could have been there at this time.

The marriage of the children came from this book "VIRGINA MARRIAGES EARLY -1800.

Catherine (abt 1756) m Mathias Will

Wild, Matthes (Will) Bayreuth; Musketeer; Bayreuth Reg Co 5; Smith (Staedtler); Remained in VA where he married Catherine Siveley and settled in Rockingham County; Possibly joined the American forces. I found this on net and post it here. I am hoping find out more.

Eve (abt 1758) m 1st --- Brown 2nd Robert Donnelly m'd on 20 Jun 1789 Washington Co. Va.

Eve Sievely(Sively/Brown/Donnelly)family own page on this site look for Eve

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Barbara(abt 1763) m Calip Arey (Areaia or Ary or Eary)The real name of Barbara husband is Cutlip Arey Jr. Go below to **m'd Cuttip Eary on 2 Jun 1796 Middlesex, Co Va.

Barbara's family own page on this site look for Barbara

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Sarah(abt 1764) m John Walters. Go below to ****m'd on 24 Oct 1792 in Shenandoah Co., Va

Elizabeth(abt 1770) m Thomas Walters ( John and Thomas were brothers)

Elizabeth Sievely/Walters family own page on this site look for Elizabeth

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Margarette (abt 1776) m Joseph Aljrphates/ Altodorffer(John Aldorfa). Go below to ** on 31 Dec 1797 Rockingham Co. VA

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Magdelene (abt 1774) m Leonard Berry. Go below to **on 31 Dec 1797 in Rockingham Co. Va. Leonard live one year after their marriage. She later married Samuel Berry.

Mary (abt 1777)

Betty (abt 1772)

Adam ( abt 1752) is thought to have died young or move away.

Ann (abt 1778)She is mention the Paster Braun book. She was said to have married a man name George Saftly and her name was Seavely on 1801 -17 March A.m. She was first mention: Anna Saftly, Who was age 32 since 10 Feb. So She was born in 1780.

For Ann and her husband George Saftly go to Ann page

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**The book called "VIRGINIA MARRIAGES early to 1800 by Jordon R. Dodd

Seevely, Magdaleen m'd Berry, Leonard on 31 Dec 1797 in Rockingham Co. VA.

Seevely, Margaret m'd Aldorohats, Joseph on 16 Jul 1795 in Rochingham Co. Va.

Sible, Barbara m'd Eary, Cuttip on 2 Jun 1796 in Shenandoah Co.,VA.

Sibly, Sary m'd Waturs, John on 7 May 1785 in Shenandoah,Co.,VA.

** The book named " ROCKINGHAM COUNTY MARRIAGESS 1778-1850" by John Vogt.

Sevey/Seafley, Joseph m'd Elizabeth Harry/Harvey 1804; min John Brown (married circa July 1800-Dec 31,1823)

Seavely/Seevely, Ann & George Saftly--18-- ; min John Brown; Henry Wheelbarger d of Katherine

Seevely, Magdaleen & Leonard Berry 31 Dec 1793; b Archer Berry s of Malekiah wit- Wm Grimsly & Cutlip Ary

Seevely/Savely, Magaret & Joseph Aldorphat 31 Dec 1797; min Daniel Huffman.

The LDS sites mentions Mrs. Catherine Sievely (abt 1735)and she married Joseph in 1750.NOTE: I am listed as story not fact. Because I found some mistake in LDS site on the family, I just want to note this as a guide for to look into. They are trying to correct their mistakes. Bless them for that.

NOTE: In the 1783 Census of Shenandoah County, Virginia is a MATHIAS SIVY with TEN CHILDREN(who is he?)

NOTE: Listed as a tat payer in Wilkes County, Georgia in 1796 us an ABRAHAM SIVLEY and wife Judith. Marriages of their children are as follows:

John Sivley m Lucy Wilcher 1807

Sara Sivley m Robert Woodruff 1799

Dolford H, Sivley m Elza Edmunds 1801

William Sivley m Barbara Loggins 1800

Stephen Sivley

Adalford Sivley drew 2 poles 1802


Below are the Revolutionary War Records of these brothers: From Washington, Army Dept:

JACOB SIVELY: drafted 1778 served as a PVT, in the CAPT.JONATHAN CLARK’S CO. 8TH Virginia Regiment Commanded by Col. ABRAHAM BOWAM. Was transferred to 4th Va. Regiment By COL. JOHN NEVILLE. Discharged Feb 16,m1779 From Historical Register of Virginians in Revolution:






This is Sivley family records from the “MEMORANDUM BOOK OF PASTOR JOHANNS BRAUN (Friedens Church, Rockingham County, Virginia.) Johanns Braun is English is John Brown( I wonder if this is Eve husband) The Memorandum Book was translated by Klaus Wust in 1978 and printed under the title “Shenandoah Valley Family Data 1799-1813- From the Memorandum Book of Johannes Braun.” From the Memorandum Book of Pastor Johannes Braum, owned by Joseph H Meyerhoeffer.

Mr. Ulrich Sehler’s list of persons on the roll of the congregation at Friedens Church, Rockingham Co.Va. in 1799. Mr. Peter Braun’s list began with #66 (Sively were German Reformed)

No 26 - George Seftly(Sivley), son of Catherine and Joseph(dec) Sively

No 45 - Joh Altdorffer(john Aldorfa), son-in –law of Catherine Sivley. John married Catherine daughter Margaret.

No 46 - Widow Siefle (Catherine)…(Widow Catherine Sively)

No 53 - Jos- Siefle (Joseph Sively), son of Catherine Sivley

No 59- Wallendein Seftly (Vanentine Saftley , father of George, Who ,married Catherine Sively’s daughter Ann / Anna) Question is Daughter

Catherine’s daughter? Was Valentine actually a Sively? The German Saftly is transcribed as Sively, Saftly is also transcribed as Sively.

Remarks Catherine Sively may have been a Witzell. On this church roll was Abraham Weitzel(No17) and Peter Weitzel( no94) was also listed. Matheus Daudt and Peter Braun were the elders on the Reformed(German Reformed) side. Ulrich Sehler and Abraham Bohn were the deacons. Jakpb zanger and Johannes Ehrle were the elders on the Lutheran side. Adam Budt amnd Henrich Kesleer were deacons.

Friedens Church, Rockingham Co Va. in 1800.

No 8- Geo:Seftle(George Sively),son of Catherine and Joseph (dec) Sively

No26-Jos: Siefle (Joseph Sively) “

No 27- Widow Siefle(Widow Siveley),Catherine Sively, Widow of Joseph

No 28 – Valen:Seftly (Valentine Saftly or Safely… Father of George, who married Catherine Sivley’s daughter Ann/Anna.

No 47 – Peter Weitzel, who may have been relative of Catherine. Her maiden name may have been Witzel. She left Shenandoah County, Va. with minor children, so may have moved to Rockingham to near family. Confirmands at Friedens Church, 17 May 1812

No 8- Ann Saftly, who was age 32 10 Feb (1812) …so was born in 1780. Anna was daughter of Catherine and Joseph(dec) Sively of Shenandoah & Rockingham counties in Va. She married George Saftly, Son of Valentine, March 17, 1801. The marriages was performed by Rev.Johannes Braun.

Marriages performed by the Rev Johannes Braun 1800-1813 1804-8 March Joseph Siefle (Sively)& Elisabeth Hurvy(Elizabeth Harryre).

Remarks: Joseph Sivley was the son of Catherine and Joseph (dec) Sively of Shenandoah & Rockingham counties of Virginia. Catherine’s family was living near Keezletown in Rockingham County, Her son Joseph later moved to Christian Co. Kentucky. Born in Sept of 1766, The younger Joseph Sively help his mother at home after the death of his father in 1782 in Shenandoah Co. He was age 37 when he married Elizabeth Harry. His mother Catherine died in early 1815 Rockingham Co. VA. Catherine "Sivley", wife of Joseph, died about 1814 near Cross Keys, Va.

No 12 Elizabeth Harry age 17 in 1802. She married in March 8,1804 to Joseph Sivley.


As said above the brothers were in the Revolutionary War. Some Peter Revolutionary War records are on the Peter page. Jacob Rev War records are on Jacobs page.


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Eve Sievely(Sively,Brown and Donnelly) is the daughter of Joseph and Catherine Sievely.

EVE Sievely married a man whose last name was Brown( his first name could have been James) here the children from that marriage:

1 Catherine b Feb. 2,1772

2 Henry b May 20,1775

3 Mary Brown Morley b Aug. 8,1776. Mary m'd George Washington Morley abt 1795 in Rockingham County, Va. per Jo Ann Bishop Palmer email

4 Elizabeth S. b Mar.31,1778

5 William b Dec 26,1780

6 Peter b Dec.31,1782

7 George b Mar. 12,1784 Rockingham,d 1873 Johnson County tn married 1806 Wilkes Co. NC to Sarah Roberts. They two children: Jane(Jenny) and Elizabeth(Betsy)who married a Grindstaff.(Birth could be 12 Apr 1874).

8 Joseph b Feb 6,1786

Eve’s and Mr. Brown had farm in NC where the Brown children were born. After the death of Mr. Brown, Eve married Robert Donnelly. Robert Donnelly was born April 27,1760 in Dublin, Ireland and died August 15,1832 in Battleham Gap Iron Mt., Johnson Co. Tn. M'd on 20 Jun 1789 in Shenandoah Co. Va. For more information about Robert Donnelly go to this family site. In Johnson County, Tennessee.

The Children of Robert and Eve (Sieveley) Donnelly were:

1 Richard b Aug. 17,1790 d Aug 26 1870

2 William b Feb. 15,1792 d Feb 16,.1842 m Sarah McQueen

3 Lucinda Lucy b Dec. 20,1794 d 1887

4 Catherine b July 09,1798 d abt. 1870.

After Eve death Robert married Frances Jennings. Their child was:

1 Mary “Polly” b Aug 13,1808.

“Tennessee Records , Bible Records and Marriage Bonds” Compiled by Jeannette Acklen Vice Presidnet General. NSDAR.

Page 112

Record From The Old Donnelly Bible

Catherine Brown b Feb 29, 1772

Henery Brown b May 20,1775

Mary Morley b Aug 4, 1776

Elizabeth Sharver b March 31, 1778

Wm. Brown b Dec 26,1780

Peter Brown B Dec 31,1782

George Brown b April 12, 1784

Joseph Brown b Feb 6, 1786

Richard Donnelly b Aug 17,1790

William Donnelly b Feb 15,1792

Lucy Donnelly b Dec20,1794

Catherine Donnelly b July 9,1798

Mary Donnelly b Aug 13,1808

Robert Donnelly born in Ireland April 27,1760

Sarah McQueen Donnelly b June 4,1801

Rebecca Gwyn McQueen b Nov 13,1773

Richard Alex. Donnelly b Nov 5,1824

William Kendrick Donnelly b Jan 14,1827

Rebecca Jane Donnelly b Oct 2,1829

Nancy Ann Elizabeth Donnelly b May 7,1832

Robert Henry McMullin Donnelly b Jan 2,1835

John McKillup Donnelly b Feb 25,1837

James Carter Donnelly b Oct 20,1839


William Donnelly departed this life Feb 16, 1842 in his 51st year.

Sarah Donnelly departed this life Dec 24,1876 in her 75th year.

William McQueen, departed this life May 16,1860 in his 88th year

Eve Donnelly departed this life Dec 19,1806

Frankly Donnelly departed this life Jan 29,1827

Robert Donnelly departed this life Aug 1832 in his 73rd year


Robert Donnelly married to Eve Donnelly (Sevely Brown) Aug 29, 1789

Robert Donnelly married Franky Donnelly (Jennings) Aug 20,1807

William Donnelly married Sarah (McQueen) Donnelly Feb 26,1824

Richard A Donnelly married Matilda (Sullivan) Donnelly Jane 30,1850

Thomas J Crosswhite married Rebecca Donnelly Oct 29,1851

Benjamin W. Jenkins married Nancy A. E. Donnelly Jan 16,1853

Robert H Donnelly married Eloza Jane Allen April 15,1860

James C Donnelly married Careloin Elizabeth Rominger April 7, 1861

William Kendrick Donnelly married Rachel Alice (Moore) Kiser Aug 31,1865


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