The Bassam/Basham Story
You can still find the Basham surname among the people in Norfolk, England.   Perhaps our line originated in England and migrated to America in the early 1700's.   At this point I'm sure.

The 1st known Basham of our line, that we know of, in America was WILLIAM BASSAM born 1722 in Cumberland City, Goochland County, known today as Cumberland County, Virginia.   At age 22, in 1744, William married SARAH AGNESS ANGELLEA, daughter of WILLIAM and CATHERINE ANGELLEA. 

Cumberland County, Virginia was formed in 1749 from Goochland County.  William BASHAM bought land in 

Goochland County, Virginia in December 1742.  His land became part of Cumberland Co, VA when it was created in 1749.

i.  BARTLETT ANGEL2 BASHAM, b.  Abt.  1739; d.  Abt.  1779.
ii.  JEREMIAH BASHAM, b.  Abt.  1742; m.  MARY DOWELL.
iii.  WILLIAM BASHAM, b.  1745, Breckenridge City, KY.
iv.  JAMES BASHAM, b.  Bef.  1746, Cumberland County, VA; d.  Aft.  1830.
v.  SARAH BASHAM, b.  Bef.  1750.
vi.  MICAJAH BASHAM, b.  1750; m.  (1) LUCY PRATHER; m.  (2) SARAH ANN WHITE, February 25, 1815.

Will of Wm.  Bassam probated in Cumberland City., VA, 5-23-1768.  It read as follows:

In the name of God amen.  I, William Bassam of the County of Cumberland, being sick and weak of body, though of perfect health and memory, thanks be to the Almighty God for it.  Imprimis I will and bequeath body to the ground from whence it came, and my soul to God who gave it, trusting in the merits and Mediation of our blessed Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that at the great day of judgement I shall have a joyful resurrection with the just.
I lend to my loving wife Sarah all my estate both real and personal during life.
I give to my son William Bassam two hundred acres of land of the same tract whereon I now live.
I give to my son Jeremiah Bassam one hundred and fifty acres out of the aforesaid tract.
I give to my daughter Sarah fifty acres out of the aforesaid tract.
It is my will that after the decease of my wife, my whole estate be divided among my children for their lives and then to be divided equally among my grandchildren after their decease.
I constitute and appoint my sons William and Jeremiah with my wife my executors.


William M b Bassam L.S.



James Basham was born before 1746 in CUMBERLAND COUNTY, VIRGINIA.  He married FRANCES MARY TAYLOR March 20, 1762 in Fauquier Co., VA, daughter of BENJAMEN TAYLOR and ELIZABETH UNKNOWN.

James moved westward to Bedford County, Virginia by 1772.  Bedford County is located in southwestern part of the state of Virginia, between the cities of Roanoke, to the West, and Lynchburg, to the East.  It is bounded on the North by the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Settlers came to Bedford to farm and to exploit the natural resources of timber and fertile lands, well watered by springs, creeks and streams fed by rains coming off the mountains.  James died after 1830.  
i.  OBEDIAH (REV WAR) BASHAM, b.  April 07, 1759, Cumberland Co., VA; d.  May 28, 1840, Breckenridge Co., KY.
iii.  ARCHIBALD BASHAM, b.  Abt.  1772, Bedford City Va; d.  Aft.  1840, Tennessee.

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New River Notes provides the 1860 Census of Floyd County.  The families of most of the children of Nathaniel Basham and Elender Ross Basham can be found on this census record.  Click here.


1. Nathaniel Basham. Born in 1786 in Bedford County, Virginia. Nathaniel died in Floyd County, Virginia on Nov 6, 1869, he was 83.


On Jan 23, 1811 when Nathaniel was 25, he married Elender (Ellen) Ross, in Bedford County, Virginia. Born on Nov 18, 1779 in Bedford County, Virginia. Elender (Ellen) died in Bedford County, Virginia in 1872, she was 92.


They had the following children:

        2            i.        Robert (ca1811-ca1885)

        3           ii.        John Floyd (ca1812-ca1885)

                  iii.        Cena. Born  ca 1817. Cena died  ca 1887, she was 70.


On Nov 22, 1836 when Cena was 19, she married Elisha Anderson, in Bedford County, Virginia. Born  ca 1815.


                 iv.        Eleanor. Born  ca 1820. Eleanor died  ca 1889, she was 69. On Oct 18, 1835 when Eleanor was 15, she married William Ridgeway, in Bedford County, Virginia.

        4          v.        Sylvester (ca1822-)

        5          vi.        Benjamin (1822-1901)  (Benjamin and wife and first child are living with wife's parents in
                             1850 Floyd Co. census.  In 1860 Census of Floyd County they have their own place.)

        6         vii.        Hillory H. (1827-1910)

        7        viii.        Ellis L. (ca1832-ca1915)

                 ix.        Mary E.. Born  ca 1836. Mary E. died  ca 1918, he was 82.




Second Generation



2. Robert Basham. Born  ca Nov 1811 in Bedford County, Virginia. Robert died  ca 1885, he was 73.


On Apr 17, 1845 when Robert was 33, he married Elizabeth Clowers, in Floyd County, Virginia. Born  ca 1818. Elizabeth died  ca 1875, she was 57.


They had the following children:

                   i.        Julia. Born  ca 1846.

                  ii.        John Willam. Born  ca 1848.

                  iii.        Nancy Jane. Born  ca 1850.

                 iv.        Sarah E. Born  ca 1853.

                  v.        Martha E.. Born  ca 1855.

                 vi.        James L.. Born  ca 1858.

                 vii.        Lucy Byer. Born  ca 1859.



3. John Floyd Basham. Born  ca 1812 in Monroe County, Virginia. John Floyd died  ca 1885, he was 73.


On Sep 30, 1834 when John Floyd was 22, he first married Margaret Basham, daughter of John Basham Jr. & Frances (Franky) Meador, in Franklin County, Virginia. Born  ca 1809 in Franklin County, Virginia. Margaret died  ca 1872, she was 63.


They had the following children:

                   i.        Martha A.. Born  ca 1836 in Bedford County, Virginia. On Oct 14, 1854 when Martha A. was 18, she married John Epperly, in Floyd County, Virginia.

        8           ii.        Elizabeth Frances (1837-1896)

                  iii.        Nathan. Born  ca 1840 in Floyd County, Virginia. Nathan died in Floyd County, Georgia  ca 1864, he was 24.

                 iv.        Ellen. Born  ca 1842 in Floyd County, Virginia. Ellen died in Camp Creek, Montgomery County, Virginia on Feb 27, 1925, she was 83. On Dec 21, 1871 when Ellen was 29, she married William J. Price, in Floyd County, Virginia.

                  v.        James W.. Born  ca 1843. On Jul 19, 1866 when James W. was 23, he married Ellen F. Weddle. Born in Dec 1844 in Floyd County, Virginia.

        9          vi.        John Robert (1847-1923)

      10         vii.        George T. (ca1849-1926)


On Nov 25, 1872 when John Floyd was 60, he second married Martha Smith, in Floyd County, Virginia. Born in Jun 1835 in Virginia.


They had the following children:

      11            i.        Fleming T. (1874-)

                  ii.        Sarah C.. Born  ca 1876 in Virginia. On May 22, 1912 when Sarah C. was 36, she married H. M. Hailer, in Floyd County, Virginia. Born  ca 1868.

                  iii.        Annie M.. Born  ca 1880 in Virginia.



4. Sylvester Basham. Born  ca 1822.


On Mar 13, 1848 when Sylvester was 26, he married Jane Eliza Hill, in Franklin County, Virginia. Born  ca 1821.


They had the following children:

                   i.        Liphmyundas. Born  ca 1849.

                  ii.        Mollie. Born  ca 1854.

                  iii.        Cathindra. Born  ca 1858.

                 iv.        Millie. Born  ca 1861.


Millie married Webster.


      12          v.        George Clifton (ca1867-)

      13          vi.        Stonewall S. (ca1871-)

                 vii.        Hatcher (Hattie). Born  ca 1872.



5. Benjamin Basham. Born on Nov 8, 1822. Benjamin died in Floyd County, Virginia on Apr 2, 1901, he was 78. Buried in Floyd County, Virginia.


 ca 1846 when Benjamin was 23, he married Emilia (Molly) Ridinger. Born  ca 1824.


They had the following children:

                   i.        Sarah Ellen. Born  ca 1847.

                  ii.        Romina Jane. Born  ca Mar 1850.

                  iii.        John Amos. Born  ca 1853.

      14          iv.        James Henry (ca1854-)

                  v.        Mary Catherine. Born  ca Oct 1856.

      15          vi.        Joseph Ingle (1859-)

                 vii.        William. Born on Aug 14, 1864. William died on Jun 23, 1866, he was 1.

                viii.        Charles Headen. Born on Dec 23, 1865. Charles Headen died on Jun 16, 1866.

                 ix.        Margaret L.. Born on Aug 27, 1867. Margaret L. died in Floyd County, Virginia on Nov 29, 1918, she was 51. Buried in Floyd County, Virginia.



6. Hillory H. Basham. Born on Jan 21, 1827 in Bedford County, Virginia. Hillory H. died in Floyd County, Virginia on Jul 10, 1910, he was 83. Occupation: Farmer.


On Sep 11, 1851 when Hillory H. was 24, he married Sarah Catherine Ridinger, daughter of George Ridinger & Catherine Sowers, in Virginia. Born on Mar 26, 1828 in Virginia. Sarah Catherine died in Floyd County, Virginia on Jun 6, 1916, she was 88.


They had the following children:

      16            i.        John Ellis (1853-1935)

      17           ii.        James Haden (1857-1941)

                  iii.        Elizabeth E.. Born on Jun 11, 1860 in Floyd County, Virginia.

                 iv.        Mary Ellen. Born on Sep 1, 1861 in Floyd County, Virginia.

                  v.        Melinda A.. Born in 1862 in Floyd County, Virginia.

      18          vi.        Robert Hatcher (1865-)

                 vii.        Caldora Grant. Born on Aug 12, 1868 in Floyd County, Virginia. Buried in Floyd County, Virginia.



7. Ellis L. Basham. Born  ca Apr 1832. Ellis L. died  ca 1915, he was 82.


On Nov 4, 1851 when Ellis L. was 19, he first married Caroline D. Graham, in Floyd County, Virginia. Born  ca Aug 1824.


They had the following children:

                   i.        Margaret. Born  ca 1853.

                  ii.        Mary Luther. Born on Mar 17, 1854.

                  iii.        Amos R. C.. Born on Dec 3, 1856.

      19          iv.        Millard F. (1856-)

      20          v.        Hamilton Hampton (1860-1916)

                 vi.        Calla E.. Born  ca 1861.


On Jun 21, 1905 when Ellis L. was 73, he second married Sarah J. Unknown, in Floyd County, Virginia.  

The name Basham is said to originate from the village of Barsham in the county of Suffolk in England. Suffolk is on the eastern side of England and is part of the rump that sticks out into the North Sea (the whole area is known as East Anglia).

My family name is Basham and certainly we are descended from a long line of Bashams in Suffolk. I have visited the church in Barsham and there are many memorials to people with the name "de Barsham" (meaning "of Barsham"), which date back to the period after the Norman conquest, which occurred in 1066. It's believed that "de Barsham" was corrupted to "Basham" over the following centuries.

If you'd like any more information about the origins of the Bashams, let me know. I can't promise, but I may be able to help.

Philip Basham
Letchworth Garden City