Martin Booher - Katherina Hartman Genealogy

see Booher genogram for a genealogy chart of the Booher family

Martin and John Booher, sons of John Baltes Booher (German Bucher, anglicized to Bougher and then Booher).  First immigrated to PA, but later moved to Sullivan County, TN where they raised large families.  Many second and third generation Boohers moved to Kentucky, especially in the areas of Clinton and Cumberland.  These families also intermarried with Washington County VA families, in certain instances, giving them direct link to the descendants of southwestern Virginia families. Below is a genealogy of the Martin Booher family. 

1. John Baltes Bougher b. Germany
Martin Booher b. 1744 d. 8/1826
          +  Katherina Hartman
Christian b. 10/24/1774 d. 5/8/1874
               . . .Anna Catarina b. 12/28/1779
               . . .Margareta Roth m. 1802
Mary Marie b. 3/20/1803 Sullivan Co., TN
Nancy Ann b. 10/3/1805 Sullivan Co., TN
David b. abt. 1807 Sullivan Co., TN d. 4/10/1847
                     . . .Rettie Patton m. 1826
                    5.  Gabriel b. 1/1827 Sullivan Co., TN d. 1910 bd. Five Springs Cemetery, Clinton, KY 
see note 1
                         . . .Nancy Elizabeth Bowen b. abt 1834 Cumberland Co., KY  m. 1852
                         6.  Caroline
                         6.  Mary Eliza b. abt 1858 KY
                         6.  Michael H. b. 1859 KY
                              . . .unknown m. 6/9/1878 KY, Clinton
                              7.  John E.  b. 5/1890
                         6.  David Gabriel b. 4/15/1870 Cumberland Co., KY d. 11/3/1930 KY, Cumberland
                              . . .Alice Gibson
                             7.  Nannie b. abt. 1897 KY
                             7.  Homer G. b. abt. 1900 KY
                             7.  Robert b. abt. 1903 KY
                             7.  Annie L. b. abt 1906 KY
                             7.  Fannie L. b. abt. 1908 KY
                             7.  S.M. b. abt. 1911 KY
                             7.  Bertha Emaline b. 8/20/1913 KY d. 1/13/1997 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                             7.  Nina A. b. abt 1919 KY
                         6.  John E. b. 1890                      
                    5.  Charlotte b. 1835 TN d. 2/22/1891 KY, Clinton, Albany bd. Hopkins Cemetery, Albany see Note 7
                         . . .Thomas Preston Taylor b. 1835 VA
                         6.  Martin Alfred b. 12/21/1855
                              . . .Matilda Caroline Leveridge
                              7.  Walter Chilton b. 2/23/1882
                         6.  John Taylor b. 3/8/1857 KY, Clinton
                         6.  Mary C. b. 4/4/1858 d. 1/17/1940 bd. Albany Cemetery, KY, Clinton
                              . . .Lewis P. Huddleston b. 4/27/1856  d. 8/14/1950
                              7.  Jimmie
                              7.  Eliza
                              7.  Daisey
                              7.  Vera L. b. 11/13/1880 d. 1/9/1929 bd. Albany Cemetery KY, Clinton, Albany
                                    . . .Benjamin Franklin Hancock b. 7/25/1878
                                    8.  Infant b. 11/19/1922
                         6.  David C. b. 9/16/1859
                              . . .Piera Evaline Bristow b. 6/25/1855 m. 7/11/1878
                              7.  Corena G. b. abt 1879 
                              7.  John B. b. 6/30/1883
                              7.  Thomas b. 5/30/1885
                              7.  Alfred b. 5/25/1889
                              7.  William b. 3/17/1891
                         6.  Henry Scott b. 5/26/1861 d. 5/5/1944 bd. Peolia Cemetery, KY, Clinton see Note 8
                              . . .Mary J. Talbot b. 12/21/1858 m. 4/2/1888
                              7.  Jesse M. b. 2/10/1889 d. 11/14/1951 bd. Peolia Cemetery, KY, Clinton
                                   . . .Erbie May Thrasher b. 5/26/1861 m. 1908
                                   8.  living
                                   8.  Clara Bliss b. 10/20/1912
                                   8.  Georgia b. 10/9/1915
                                   8.  Horace Earl b. 5/27/1918
                                   8.  living
                                   8.  Wadena b. b. 4/20/1925
                                   8.  living
                              7.  Oscar b. 7/11/1893 d. 8/29/1971 bd. Peolia Cemetery, KY, Clinton
                                   . . .Emma A. Wood b. 3/27/1897 m.  12/18/1918
                                   8.  Walter Wood b. 10/5/1919
                                   8.  living
                              . . .Ona M. Unknown b. 5/16/1885 m. 1/9/1927
                          6.  Sarah  Jane b. 4/1863
                          6.  Martha Leona "Mattie" b. 7/14/1866 d. 4/25/1936 bd. Irwin Cemetery, KY, Clinton
                               . . .John Fielding Stailey 3/22/1858
                               7.  Letha Mae b. 1/13/1892 d. 7/31/1970
                                    . . .Welby Morton Carr b. 3/24/1890 m. 1/23/1909
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  Arlie Delbert b. 11/9/1918
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                               7.  William K. b. 9/1893
                               7.  Elizabeth b. 5/11/1896
                               7.  Luther H. b. 9/16/1898
                               7.  Marvin W. b. 9/4/1901
                               7.  Clara b. 9/5/1904
                         6.   Thomas Preston b. 11/7/1871 d. 10/8/1957 Peolia Cemetery, KY, Clinton
                               . . .Myrtie McWhorter b. 6/30/1873 m. abt. 1891
                               7.   Bennie Estle b. 5/17/1892 d. 7/1/1977
                                     . . .Sallie Wray b. 2/24/1895 m. 6/17/1915
                                     8.  Seaborn Earl b. 1/18/1916
                                     8.  living
                                     8.  living
                                     8.  Randall W. b. 2/3/1923
                                     8.  Unknown b. 12/20/1926
                                     . . .Louise Pierce b. 4/8/1916
                                7.  Emma L. b. 10/20/1893
                                7.  Jimmie P. b. 6/1896
                                7.  living
                                7.  living
                                7.  Lottie Sue b. 5/10/1908
                                7.  living
                                7.  Christine Taylor b. 8/20/1918                    
                    5.  David b. 2/2/1836 Sullivan Co., TN d. 3/26/1927 TX, Fannin, Randolph
see Note 10
                         . . .Margaret Jane Shelley b. 11/13/1829 KY, Clinton  m. 1/12/1859 KY, Clinton
                         6.  Martin David b. 12/31/1859 KY, Clinton, Albany
                         6.  Margaret Elizabeth b. 7/16/1861 KY, Clinton

                         6.  Mary E. b. 5/1/1863 KY
                         6.  Rebecca Jane b. 1865 KY
                         6.  Sarah A. C. b. 1867 KY
                         6.  Nancy Elizabeth b. 1869 KY
                         6.  William G.  b. 9/8/1872 Clinton, KY
                         6.  Samuel G. b. 6/6/1877 KY
                    5.  Michael b. 4/1837 Sullivan Co., TN d. 12/3/1914 Cumberland Co., KY bd. Wright Cemetery  see note 2
                          . . .Louise Pharis
                          . . .Sarah Jane Gwinn Wise m. 6/21/1860 Clinton, KY (divorced)
                         6.  William Booher b. 1864 d. 1891
                               . . .Exona G. York
                               7.  Alexander A. b. 5/29/1891
                          . . .Emmaline Maud Gwinn b. 5/1853 m. 2/15/1867
                         6.  James Lewis b. 5/28/1867 KY
                         6.  Catherine b.  8/16/1869 KY
                         6.  Martin b.  7/28/1871 KY
                         6.  Lacy "Lizzie" b.  1/14/1874 KY
                               . . .Robert E. Gibson b. 2/24/1859 m. 4/27/1898 Clinton, KY
                               7.  Vinnie L. b. 5/1899
                               8.  living
                          6.  Loinice b.  7/5/1876
                          6.  Louisa "Lou" b. 7/5/1876
                                . . .Robert Alexander Farris
                                7.  Robert Lee b. 8/15/1907
                                7.  Elvin Kyle
                                7.  Jewell
                                7.  Emma
                                7.  living
                          6.  Fannie Belle b. 2/25/1879 Cumberland Co, KY d. 5/18/1971 OK, Pontotoc, Ada bd. Memorial Park
                                . . .Joseph William Crawley b. 1/1874 Clinton, KY m. 2/25/1897 Cumberland Co., KY
                                7.  Ina
                                7.  Pauline
                                7.  Willie
                                7.  Luther Robert b. 1/26/1898 Clinton, KY d.  3/1875 KY, Taylor, Campbellsville
                                     . . .Dollie W. Allen m. 12/9/1917 KY, Cumberland, Lawson's Bottom
                                7.  Elva b. 8/30/1899 Clinton, KY d. 10/1878 OK, Pontotoc, Ada
                                    . . .Antha A. Cash
                                7.  Gerta Mae b. 12/23/1903 KY d. 5/20/1929 Cumberland, KY
                                     . . .Luther Martin Bowen
                                7.  Osco b. 12/29/1905 KY, Clinton, Highway see Note 4
                                      . . .Minnie Vena Spears
                                7.  Roscoe b. 12/29/1905 KY, Clinton, Highway
                                     . . .Cecil Williams b. 12/4/1906 Cumberland, KY, Whetstone m. 7/1923 in TN, Pickett, Byrdstown
                                     8.  Howard Wyndell b. 1/21/1923 Cumberland Co., KY d. 2/18/1999 IN, Marion, Indianapolis
                                          . . .Joyce Watson (divorced)
                                          . . .Shirley Jean Lamar
                                     8.  Harvey Kent b. 4/1/1925 Cumberland Co., KY d. 4/29/1993 Cumberland, KY, Burkesville
                                           . . .Vivian Ferguson
                                           . . .Polly Ann Scott
                                          . . .Betty Unknown
                                     8.  Elizabeth b. 8/21/1927
                                     8.  Stanley Russell b. 10/15/1928 Cumberland, KY d. 8/28/1965 Burkesville, KY  see Note 5
                                          . . .Eva Rae Baker
                                     8.  Imanel 9/4/1930
                                              . . .Russell Pierce
                                     8.  T.C. b. 6/28/1932 Cumberland, KY
                                              . . .Wilma Faye Johnson m. 3/14/1952 TN, Overton, Livingston Private
                                      8.  Doyle Christine b. 12/4/1933
                                              . . .James Rollen Burton m. 6/26/1954 TN, Cumberland, Crossville
                                      8.  Jeannette Kathryn b. 6/13/1935 Cumberland, KY, Lawson's Bottom
                                              . . .Herman R. Smith m. 11/15/1953 TN, Fentress, Jamestown
                                              . . .Jack Watson
                                      8.  Shirley Willowdean b.6/13/1936
                                              . . .Landy Eli Winfrey m. 5/26/1966 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                      8.  Helen Daisey b.10/3/1937 Cumberland, KY, Lawson's Bottom
see Note 6
                                              . . .Cortis Cordell Smith m. 5/7/1953 TN, Fentress, Jamestown
                                    . . .Mary A. Gordon m. 7/31/1983 KY, Green, Black Gnat
                               7.  Bertie Lea b. abt 1908 KY
                                     . . .Jimmy Spears
                                     . . .Unknown Wafford
                               7.  Bonnie O. b. abt. 1911 KY d. abt 1995 TX, Collingsworth, Wellington
                                    . . .Milton Golden
                               7.  Bessie C. b. abt. 1915 KY
                               7.  Leonia L. b. abt. 1918 KY
                           6.  Hiram b. 4/3/1881 KY
                               7.  Vertia b. 10/17/1885 KY
                               7.  Ida S.  b. 2/17/1888 KY
                               7.  Ina S.  b.  2/17/1888 KY
                               7.  Laura L. b.  5/29/1891 KY
                          6.  Livie Jan b.  1/22/1895 KY
                           . . .Betsy Ann Markum m. 8/29/1899 KY
                           . . .Mary "Mollie" Melton m. 4/16/1906
                          6.  Boodie
                          6.  Livie Jewell b. 7/22/1906 Cumberland Co., KY
                          6.  James Edward b. 7/27/1909
                          6.  Caleb b. 5/20/1912
                     5.  Adam b. abt 1838 Sullivan Co., TN
                               . . .Margaret
                               . . .Elizabeth Huddleston
                     5.  Thomas
                     5.  Christopher b. 1839 VA
                     5.  Jesse b. 1/12/1845 TN d. 1/28/1923 bd. Five Springs Cemetery, Clinton, KY see Note 3
                          . . .Julia Ann Thrasher b. 7/16/1844 VA m. abt 1866
                          6.  Sarah C. b. abt 1868 KY
                          6.  Richard L. b. 8/9/1869 KY d. 11/3/1953 bd. Peolia Cemetery, Clinton, KY
                               . . .Sarah Frances Vincent b. 4/29/1874 m. 10/10/1893
                               7.  Cora M. b. 11/5/1894
                               7.  Nettie A.  b. 1/1896
                               7.  Jesse C. b. 11/1897
                               7.  Sallie b. 8/5/1899
                          6.  Mary E. b. 6/1871 KY  bd. Albany Cemetery, Clinton, KY
                               . . .John Adams Cross b. 5/17/1869 m. 6/19/1899
                               7.  William D. b. 9/10/1890
                               7.  Julia C. b. 12/11/1891
                               7.  Elisha E. b. 3/5/1893
                               7.  Minnie Belle b. 5/27/1896
                               7.  Jesse J. b. 1/20/1900
                               7.  Elizabeth May b. 6/25/1901
                           6.  Eliza Ann b. 11/20/1873 KY d. 9/13/1958 bd. Peolia Cemetery, Clinton, KY
                                . . .Elisha Anderson b. 11/1/1861 m. 6/19/1889
                               7.  Regina Cross b. 3/28/1890 d.12/9/1974 bd. Central Grove Cemetery, Clinton, KY
                                     . . .James W. Smith b. 8/18/1865 m. 7/23/1904
                                7.  Walker Richard b. 6/5/1892 d. 4/25/1980 bd. Central Grove Cemetery, Clinton, KY
                                      . . .Essie Campbell b. 12/7/1894
                                7.  Dilla b. 5/5/1896
                                7.  Charlie b. 7/17/1900
                                7.  Clara b. 8/20/1902
                                7.  Julia b. 8/21/1904 d. 2/4/1921
                                     . . .Jesse Oscar Stockton b. 9/30/1896 m. 1/1/1920
                                     8.  Letha b. 11/25/1920
                                7.  Harley J. b. 2/17/1907 d. 5/20/1990
                                     . . .Arlee Ferguson b. 2/6/1905
                                7.  Living
                                7.  Living
                                7.  Living
                           6.  James L. b. 7/18/1876 KY
                           6.  Jemima Belle b. 1878 KY
                           6.  John Wesley b. 7/1881 KY
                                 . . .Margaret Beatrice Ooten b. 1886 m. 11/5/1899
                      5.  Minerva b. 1847 Sullivan Co., TN
                      5.  Reuben b. 1849 Sullivan Co., TN
                      5.  James Martin b. 9/20/1850 Ky, Clinton, Albany  d. 3/29/1927 Cumberland, KY bd. Booher Cemetery
                            . . .Mary Catherine Talbot b. 10/10/1853 KY, Clinton, Albany m. 2/20/1872
                            6.  Nora Ida b. 11/17/1872 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Laura Martha b. 2/17/1874 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  William George b. 4/6/875 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Robert Hayes b. 11/22/1876 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Sarah Emiline b. 12/31/1877 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 5/23/1957
                                 . . .Bolovar W. Appleby m. 1903
                            6.  Samuel Jefferson b. 9/18/1879 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 10/28/1971 KY, Adair Co
                                 . . .Connie Sparks m. 1/20/1906
                            6.  Mary Elizabeth "Eliza" b. 12/17/1880 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 6/19/1965
                                 . . .Cyrus McCoy b. 1871 m. 2/26/1901
                                 7.  Ruby b. abt. 1902 KY
                                 7.  Eddie Osborne b. 9/25/1903 OK, Pottawatomie, McLoud
                                 7.  James A. b. abt. 1907 OK
                                 7.  living
                            6.  Joseph Newton b. 3/11/1882 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 9/8/1962 KY bd. Myers Ridge Cemetery
                                 . . .Bertha Mae Myers b. 8/28/1889 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville m. 2/7/1904
                                 7.  Verla Hazel b. 5/16/1906 KY, Cumberland
                                 7.  Benny b. 1/28/1908 KY, Cumberland
                                 7.  Mayme Josephine b. 8/28/1910 KY, Cumberland
                                 7.  Ernie Edgar b. 12/26/1912 KY, Cumberland
                                 7.  living
                                 7.  Kenneth Pinkney b. 7/13/1915 KY, Cumberland
                                 7.  living
                                 7.  living
                                 7.  living
                            6.  James Ed b. 10/7/1883 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 6/30/1962 CA, Riverside, Corona
                                 . . .Ada Belle Myers b. 10/8/1887 Cumberland, KY m. 5/10/1903 Cumberland, KY
                                 7.  Zelma Lavada b. 4/12/1906 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                 7.  Eddie Creed b. 5/31/1908 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 4/10/1968 KY, Simpson, Franklin
                                 7.  Bertha Lovelle b. 9/2/1909 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                 7.  Mary Atress b. 2/4/1911
                                 7.  James Reed b. 1/7/1913 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                 7.  Milton Myers b. 2/3/1915 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                 7.  Ray Glenn b. 9/21/1920 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                                 7.  Roy Lynn b. 9/21/1920 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Julie Pinkney b. 7/4/1885 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Enias Katherine b. 3/19/1887 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Eura Edna b. 12/1/1888 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 9/15/1953
                                 . . .Caleb Day m. 1907
                                 7.  Anna Lisa
                            6.  Charles Benjamin b. 9/7/1890 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 4/1/1960 CA, Los Angeles, Santa Monica
                                    . . .Emily Lavina Harness b. 1/27/1891 KY, Adair Co m. 5/24/1910 KY, Cumberland
                            6.  Eula Belle b. 7/31/1892 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                            6.  Barney Paul b. 7/23/1894 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville d. 1/1/1944 CA
                                 . . .Lola B. Norris b. abt. 1894 m. 7/12/1912
                            6.  Booney b. 7/23/1894 KY, Cumberland, Burkesville
                . . .Catherine Peters b. 1808 VA
                     5.  Michael
Elizabeth b. 2/3/1808 Sullivan Co., TN
Margaretha b. 11/24/1810 Sullivan Co., TN
Sarah b. 1813 Sullivan Co., TN
Christian b. 1/10/1815 Sullivan Co., TN d. 5/8/1902 Sullivan Co., TN
                    . . .Margaret Stanfield
                     5.  James b. abt 1842 Sullivan County, TN
                     5.  Sarah b. abt 1844 Sullivan County, TN
                     5.  David b. 6/19/1850 Sullivan County, TN
                     5.  William b. abt 1852 Sullivan County, TN
                     5.  Alexander b. abt 1853
                     5.  Welsey b. abt 1854
                     5.  Eva Amanda b. abt 1862
                     5.  Robert B. b. abt 1868
John b. 6/25/1816 Sullivan Co., TN
Catherine E. b. abt 1817
Martin b. 12/6/1775 PA  d. 2/3/1868 in Sullivan Co., TN, bd. Grant Cemetery
                . . .Allie Ellen Wassum b. 3/8/1788
William b. 1810
Louisa b. 9/24/1824
C. J.
Barbara b. 1800 Lancaster Co., PA
Magdaline  b. 1776
Maria b. 4/20/1777
Peter b. 10/10/1780 PA d. 12/8/1872 in Bristol, TN bd. Bristol, TN
                . . .Magdalene Beeler b. 2/8/1783 in Lancaster Co., PA
Catherine b. 1812
Jesse B. b. 3/2/1820
                     . . .Elizabeth Carmack
                     5.  William Rice  see Note 9
                     5.  Cornelius P.
                     5.  Joseph A.
                     5.  Martha M.
                     5.  Sarah Harriet
                     5.  Jessie Eleanor
William Barton b. 6/27/1827
Adam b. 1794 PA, Lancaster
Catherine b. 1781
                . . .Benjamin Wesley b. 1786 TN d. 7/14/1860 Sullivan, TN (first cousins)
                4.  John
                4.  Martin
                4.  Catherine
                4.  Sarah
                4.  James
                4.  Nancy
                4.  Esther
                4.  Leah
                4.  Abraham        
Samuel b. 1785
John "Reedy Creek" b. 3/23/1779 Sullivan Co., TN d. 3/13/1830 TN
                . . .Mary "Polly" Booher b. 1780 PA d. 1830 17m. 3/12/1811
                4.  Frances b. 3/14/1803
                4.  Daniel b. 7/14/1804 d. 11/13/1892
                     . . .Barbara Hashbarger b. 1798 m. 1826
                     . . .Isabella Little b. 1813
                     5.  Samuel b. 1850
                     5.  John F. b. 1851
                     5.  Daniel P b. 1852 d. 1929
                          . . .Catherine Jane Thompson b. 1854
                          6.  Lena b. 1894 Knox Co., TN d. 1963 Anson Co., NC
                               . . .Unknown Watkins
                     5.  Mary b. 1853                     .       
                     5.  Susanna b. 1855
                4.  Rebecca b. 9/28/1805
                4.  Peter b. 8/8/1807 d. 1900
                     . . .Sally Shelley b. 1805 NC
                     5.  Elizabeth b. abt 1838 Hawkins Co., TN
                          . . .George Boils m. 8/1/1858 Clinton, KY
                          6.  Jim
                     5.  Malinda b. 1838
                     5.  Sarah Ann b. 1840
                     5.  Susan b. 1842 TN
                          James C. Wright b. 1849 KY  m. 9/11/1865 Clinton, KY
                          6.  Mary Jane
                               . . .William Burchett
                               7.  James "Jim" Kelly b. 4/19/1890 d. 1/2/1962
                                    . . .Emily Ada Crawley b. 3/20/1894
                                    8.  Bertha Adell Laura Uldean b. 9/22/1915 Clinton, KY
                                         . . .Raymon E. Carver m. 11/7/1935 Cumberland, KY, Sextons Fork
                               7.  Edward
                                    . . .Lizzie Pharis
                                    8.  Marie
                                         . . .J.E. Willen
                                    8.  Unknown
                                         . . .Bill Myers
                                    8.  Beulah b. 11/6/1923
                                         . . .Jesse H. Aaron b. 1/27/1921 m. 4/1/1939
                                         9.  Ralph
                                              . . .Sarah Arms b. 7/11/1827 Overton Co., TN m. 8/31/1848
                                              . . .Judith Arms b. 12/5/1829 Overton Co., TN m. abt 1853
                                         9.  Dewey
                                    8.  Frank
                          6.  Sarah Emily
                               . . .Jim Allen Vincent
                               7.  Sam
                                    . . .Martha Wright
                                    8.  Willie
                                         . . .Velmer Ooten
                                         9.  Randall Lee
                                         9.  Wyatt Junior
                                         9.  Jody
                                         9.  James
                                         9.  Annie
                                         9.  Ruby
                                         9.  Bonnie
                                         9.  Lisa
                                         9.  Martha b. 9/15/1944
                                         9.  Lawrence
                                         9.  Mayleen
                                         . . .Regina Owens
                                         9.  living
                                    8.  Cecil
                                    8.  James
                                    8.  Paul
                                    8.  Edna
                                         . . .Marvin Clayton Garner
                                         9.  living
                                         9.  living
                                         9.  living
                                    8.  Luther
                                         . . .Flossie Sheckell
                                         9.  Luther Jr
                                         9.  Etha
                                         9.  Lenora
                                         9.  Linda
                                         9.  Brenda
                                         9.  Jacklyn
                                         9.  Melvin
                                    8.  Ilus 
                                         . . .Sally Curtis
                                         9.  Sarah Alice
                                         9.  Ruth                 
                               7.  Will
                                    . . .Mary Jane Wright
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                                    8.  living
                               7.  George
                               7.  Mattie
                                    . . .Harrison Kenell
                                    8.  Vestie
                                         . . .Verner Wright
                                         9.  living
                                    8.  Jessie
                               7.  Pearl
                                    . . .Wayco Cash
                                    8.  Justina
                                    8.  Kendell Keith b. 4/12/1936 d. 4/21/1998
                                         . . .Geneva Christine Burns b. 11/27/1935
                                    8.  Geinivie
                     5.  Sallie Jane b. 1843 TN
                          . . .Sevier Boils
                          6.  George Washington b. 8/18/1860
                          . . .Unknown Bess
                     5.  Unknown
                     5.  Mary F.
                4.  Samuel b. 1808
                4.  John b. 1810
                4.  Elias b. 1811
                4.  Jacob b. 1813
                4.  Mary b. 1813
                4.  Barbara b. 1814
                4.  Elizabeth b. 1816
                4   Eli b. 1817
                     . . .Mahalia Unknown
                     5.  Alley
                     5.  Catherine
                     5.  William
                     5.  Mathew
                4.  Lydia b. 1824
Michael b. 1789 Lancaster, PA
Elizabeth b. 4/18/1793

Note 1

Served with Company "F" 5th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry, private, Age 32, born Sullivan Co., Tennessee. Enrolled Oct. 3, '61 @ Burkesville. Listed as deserted March. 1, '62 from Colmbia, Ky. Enlisted April 9, '64 @ Nashville, Tennessee. Transferred to 3rd Ky. Cavalry Apr. 9, '64. Age 40 on enlistment paper. Mustered in June 19, '64 Kingston, Georgia.

Note 2 

Clinton County Kentucky - Guardian's Bond - Page #76
Guardian's Bond
The Commonwealth of Kentucky
Whereas, Mikel Booher has been appointed by the County Court of Clinton county, and qualified as Guardian to Alexander Booher six years old in March or April, a Minor :
NOW WE, Mike Booher, as principal, and J. A. Warinner his sureties, do hereby covenant to and with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, that the said Mike Booher will faithfully discharge the trust of Guardian to said Minor, in all respects as required by law.
Signed this 2 day of Sept 1895
Mike X Booher
Jas A. Warinner

Attest : B. T. Leslie
Clerk Clinton County Court.
Served in the Civil War, Saddler, Company "F", 5th Kentucky Cavalry. Pension papers - XC 939 843.
Michael Booher, saddler, Company "F" 5th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteers, age 28, mustered in March. 31, '62, joined and enrolled Sep. 28, '61 @ Burkesville, value of horse $85.00. Gunshot wound received by the residual discharge of his own gun at or near Columbia, Tennessee. on or about May 20, 1862. Aug. 21, 1862 missing in action @ Gallatin, Tennessee., lost horse and equipment, captured and parolled @ Gallitin, Tennessee. Aug. 21, '62 by the enemy. Returned to his company April 25, 1864 in arrest. Returned for duty 3rd Cavalry Division June 24, '64. July 29, 1873 charge of desertion removed.
Cumberland County Kentucky Deed Book "R", Page #412 & 413. Copy in the possession of Lanny Crawley.

To all Whom it may Concern Know ye that Michael Booher a Private of Captain James W. Sawless Company (F) fifth Regiment of Kentucky Cavalry Volunteers Who was enrolled on the Twenty Eighth day of September One Thousand eight hundred and Sixty one to Serve three years or the war is hereby Discharged from the Service of the United States this Third day of May 1865 at Louisville Kentucky by reason of Expiration of term of Service (No Objections to his being reenlisted is Known to exist) Said Michael Booher was born in Cumberland Co. in the State of Kentucky is Twenty eight years of age five feet ten inches high fair complexion Blue eyes dark hair and by Occupation when enrolled a farmer - Given at Louisville Ky this third day of May 1865 G. V. Bussell
John W. Baker 1st lieut. Co F 5th Ky Cavalry Cavalry Mustering officer

Marriage Bond - Clinton County Kentucky - Book #1 - Page #89.
The Commonwealth of Kentucky. Be it Known, That we Michael Booher as principal, and Martin Booher as surety, are jointly and severally bound to the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the sum of One Hundred Dollars. The condition of this bond is as follows : That, Whereas, Marriage is intended to be solemnized between the above bound Michael Booher and Miss Sarah Jane Gwinn Wise. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct said marriage, this bond shall be void, otherwise it shall remain in full force and effect. Dated at Albany, Clinton County, this 20th Day of June 1860. signed Michael Booher his mark "X" signed Martin Booher. Attest : C. L. Gray clk.

Clinton County Kentucky - Book #1 - Page #89.
State of Kentucky Clinton County. The affiant Adam Booher States on his Oath that ???? James Gwinn on the 18th June 1860 he was willing for Michael Booher to obtain a Marriage License to Enter marry with his Daughter Jane Wise Gwinn, Affiant further States that Said James Gwinn was Sick and not able to Come with said Michael Booher to obtain Said License. signed Adam Booher his mark "X". sworn to before me by Adam Booher June 20th 1860 C. L. Gray clk

Marriage Certificate - Clinton County Kentucky - Book #1 - Page #89.
This is to certify that on the 21st day of June 1860 the Rites of marriage were legally Solemnized by me between Mr Michael Booher aged 23 years born in Sullivan County Tennessee Son of David Booher & Catherine Peters and Miss Sarah Jane Wise aged 16 years born in Cumberland County Ky. Daughter of James Gwinn and Catherine Bowens at James Gwinn's in the County of Clinton Ky in the presence of James Edrington & Otho Miller. Signed B. A. Cundiff Minister of the MECD. Attest : C. p. Gray clk By W. A. Russell DC

Married Mary Melton April 16, 1906 at J. B. Cox residence in Cumberland County, Kentucky, by C. H. Carter in the presence of J. B. Cox, Robt. Pharris, and Dick Piercy.

Note 3

1880 Census Record, Clinton, KY: Booher, Jesse, 35, w, m, farmer, TN, TN, TN; Julia A., 36, w, f, KY, TN, TN; Sarah C., 12, dau, w, f, KY; Richard L., 10, son; Mary, 8, dau; Eliza A., 7, dau.; James L., 3, son; Jinema B, 2, dau.; Thrasher, Sarah A., 61, mother-in-law, TN, VA, VA; BOOHER, Catherine, 72, mother, VA, VA, VA.

Served in Company "C" 5th Regiment Kentucky Mounted Volunteer Cavalry, mustered in Mar. 31, 1862, joined and enrolled Oct. 4 @Burkesville. Nov. 1863 @ convalescent camp in Nashville, Tennessee.

Note 4

Roscoe and Osco would work for "Aunt Cup" Crawley and she would pay them each 25 cents.

Note 5

Funeral services : 2:00 P.M. Monday at the Burkesville Methodist Church, Rev. Charles Rogers officiating. Buried at the Burkesville Cemetery. He died at 5:00 P.M. Saturday at the Cumberland County Hospital. Born Oct. 15, 1928 in Cumberland County. Member of the Lawson's Bottom Methodist Church. Pallbearers : S/SGT Willie J. Crawley, S/SGT Cecil H. Garmon, SU4 Randall Page, SP5 Joe Fletcher, SGT Charles Neathery, SGT Truesdale Crawley. Honorary pallbearers were members of the 100th Div. Army Reserves. Ballou Funeral Home was in charge.

Note 6

Member of Hadley's Community Church

Note 7

Early Times in Clinton Co., Jack Ferguson, p. 70...Martin Alfred Taylor married
Mathilda Caroline Leveridge and moved to Missouri...

Note 8

Attorney by profession

Note 9

Tennessee the Volunteer State 17691923: Volume 4
page 871

William Rice Booher, a physician of Bristol, was born in Sullivan county, about six miles southeast of the city in which he now makes his home, in the year 1866, his parents being Jesse and Elizabeth (Carmack) Booher. The family has been identified with the history of Sullivan county since pioneer days. The ancestral line is traced back to Martin Booher, who was of Dutch ancestry and came from Pennsylvania to Tennessee. He was the father of Peter Booher, who served in the war of 1812 and who married Magdalene Beeler. They established their home about six miles southeast of Bristol and it was upon that farm that the birth of Jesse Booher occurred. He and one of his brothers were soldiers of the Confederate army during the conflict between the north and south. Jesse Booher wedded Elizabeth Carmack, who was a daughter of Cornelius Carmack, of Washington county, Virginia, and of Martha (Susong) Carmack. Captain Jacob Carmack, an uncle of Dr. Booher, served with the Confederate forces in the Civil war and Alex., Lum and James Carmack, brothers of Jacob, were also among the soldiers who wore the gray. One of these, James, was killed in the battle of Petersburg. In the family of Jesse and Elizabeth (Carmack) Booher there were six children: William Rice, Cornelius P., Joseph A., Martha M., Sarah Harriet and Jessie Eleanor. [p.871]
[p.873] Dr. Booher received his early education in the public schools of Sullivan county and afterward successively attended King College, of Bristol, Tennessee; Kingsley Seminary, of Bloomingdale, this state; and the University of Tennessee. In the last named institution he pursued his medical course and received his professional degree in 1889, after which he began practice in Bristol. He was on the staff of Governor Bob Taylor, as prison surgeon, from 1889 until 1890, and since the latter date has given his attention largely to the private practice of medicine and surgery, his ability in this field of labor being pronounced.
Dr. Booher was married in 1890 to Miss Elizabeth Foster, a daughter of Charles and Martha (Shrum) Foster, of Marion county, Tennessee. Their children are Maude Eleanor, Paul Eve, Martha Elizabeth, Beatrice Alverda, Thelma Eugenia and Cornelius William.
With America's advent into the World war, the Doctor offered his services to the government and was commissioned a first lieutenant in the Medical Corps, on the 20th of June, 1917. On August 27, 1917, he was ordered into service and sent to Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia, for training. On October 20 of that year he was assigned to the Eightieth Division, Camp Lee, Virginia, where he specialized in the teaching of sex prophylaxis, delivering a course of lectures on that subject and the value of morals to health and welfare. Subsequently he was assigned to special examinations and to the work of eliminating the physically unfit soldiers. He was highly complimented on his lectures by his commanding officers and at all times his service was of great value and benefit to the military forces that America sent to the front. In August, 1918, he was commanding officer of the medical detachment attached to Veterinary Hospital unit No. 14. On October 9, 1918, he received a captain's commission and was sent overseas, being stationed at Lux, France, where he remained until June, 1919, at which time his unit was ordered home. On his return from France he was tendered a major's commission, which he declined, being anxious to resume his private practice.
The old family homestead of the Boohers, about six miles southeast of Bristol, near Holston Valley, has probably stood for more than a century and a half and is one of the picturesque and interesting old landmarks of this section of the country. Dr. Booher thus resides within a few miles of his birthplace, which was also the birthplace of his father, and he is an honored representative of one of the old and prominent pioneer families of the state. Fraternally, he is a Mason of high standing and a member of the Mystic Shrine, having served as master of his lodge and eminent commander of his commandery, and his entire life has been guided by the principles and purposes of the craft. He is a member of the Episcopal church and has ever endeavored to instill high ideals into those with whom he has been associated while he ministered to their physical welfare, and he is today accounted one of the most valued physicians and prominent citizens of Sullivan county.


Note 10

This document is very hard to read)
David Booher
Mineral Rights
Booher David Minerals.pdf
Book A pgs 255-256

This Indenture made this thirty first day of January 1865 between G.M. Hurst I.A. Brents & E of the second party and David Booher of the first ??????? That the part of the first part hereby lease to the part of the second part the following premises to ???: all that hast a parcel of land which he bought of G.L. Shelley lying cause being in Clinton County and State of Kentucky on Ill Will Creek, decrutaining one heir Red Acres. For the place of ninety-nine years and covenants to keep the tenants in quiet possessions of the premises during said turn.
It is hereby agreed ???????? Said parties, that the parties of the second part shall have the sole and exclusive right to lose, ???????, mine, and dig for oil salt, waters, coal, iron, or other minerals, and the exclusive right to the use and benefit of all of said oil, minerals that may be upon or under said land for the turn of years above specified.
In consideration whereof these parties of the second part bind themselves to give to the party of the first part one truth part of all the oil, salt, or other products obtained from said land to be detuned by the parties, of the second part of the party of the first part in markable condition upon the premises in good and sufficient barrels, which shall be furnished by the party of the first part. It is agreed that the parties of the second part commence searching for oil and other minerals within ten years. It is agreed that the parties of the second part fail to obtain oil as other products, and shall abandon these premises, as upon the expiration of the turn for which this lease is given, they shall be at liberty to ?????? all tools, chambers, engine or engines, and machinery they may have placed upon said land.
It is agreed that the party of the first part shall give to the party of the second part time ???? ???? Fourth to each the necessary buildings on said land, if said timbers can be got upon said land.
It is agreed that the parties of the second part shall have the right of way to and from said premises; over any other land, or water course, owned or possessed by the party of the first part and the right to make all roads necessary to get the product of said to market in the cheapest and bet manner.
It is further agreed that the parties of the second part may, at any time or times hereafter, during the terms hereby granted, lease as under all or any part of said premises, or the whole or any part of said term of may be assigned or transferred to any person or persons whomsoever.
In testimony, whereof, we have affixed our signatures the day and year above written.

Witness David X (his mark) Booher
Jas. M. Bristow J.A. Bristow
G.W. Hirsh
E.H. Hobson
By Hirsh

Kentucky Clinton County Sel
I W.W. Page Deputy Clerk of Clinton County Court certify that on the 25th day September 1865 the foregoing lease from David Booher to I.A. Brents and others was produced to me in my office profusely acknowledged before J.M. Briston Clerk of the Clinton County Court and proven by said Briston subsisting ?????? ?????? to be their act and deed and in having been duly stamped as ?????? by law I have duly recorded the same in my office together with this certificate.
Given under my hand as deputy clerk ????????? this 26th day of September 1865.
Aeopy Atten W.W. Page DC
From J.M. Bristow Clerk

Event: Property 25 July 1873 Kentucky, Clinton, Albany

For and in consideration of the sum of four hundred dollars ($400.00) in hand paid the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged I have this day bargained and sold and do by there presents bargain sell and convey unto Emery Parrigin and W. H. Parrigin a certain tract and parcel of land lying and being in Clinton County and state of Kentucky on the waters of Illwill Creek and bounded as follows : Beginning at a stake in the branch on the old line thence running up the branch with its meanders to a buckeye and above the old mill site thence due east to a state on the old line, thence with the old line to a large white oak now fallen down, thence S32 W 67 poles to an elm and thence N61W61 poles to a white oak at the road, Thence N66W26 poles to a sassafras and thence N75W60 poles to a stake in the branch. Thence N47 to a Spanish oak thence with L. S. Shelley;s line to the beginning containing one hundred acres to be the same more or less to have and to hold unto them the said Emery and W. H. Parrigin forementioned. It is hereby agreed that Henry Parrigin and Elizabeth Parrigin father and mother of said Emery and W. h. Parrigin have the right to live and use enjoy and continue said lands during their natural lives. Said land is not to be sold nor made subject to the debits of said Henry and Elizabeth which may have been heretofore and henceafter. In witness whereof I hereto together with Margaret Jane Booher my wife who also joins in this sale and conveyance herein hereby relinquishing her right to dower in said land set our hands and seals this 28th day of July, 1873.
David Booher (his mark)
Margaret Jane Booher (her mark)

  • Census: 1860 Kentucky, Clinton County
  • Note: BOOHER, David, 24 m, farmer, VA; Margaret J., 28 f, housework, KY; Martin D., 5/12 m, KY;
  • Census: 1870 Kentucky, Clinton County
  • Note:

    (page 304, District #4, Clinton County, KY, same page James Turner Smith is found on) age 34 and wife Peggy, and six children

    BOOHER, David, 34, m w, farmer, VA; Peggy J, 40, f w, KY; Martin D, 10, m w, KY; Margaret E, 9, f w, KY; Mary E, 6, f w, KY; Rebecca J, 5, f w, KY; Sarah A, 5, 3, f w, KY; Nancy A, 1, f w, KY

  • Census: 1880 Kentucky, Clinton County
  • Note: Booher, David, w, m, 44, farmer, VA, TN, TN; Margaret J., w, f, 50; Margaret E., 18, dau. KY; Mary E., 16, dau.; Rebecca J., 14, dau.; Sarah A., 12, dau.; Nancy A., 10, dau.; William G., 8, son; Samuel G., 5, son.
  • Event: Land 5 September 1884 Kentucky, Clinton, Ill Will Creek
  • Note:

    Enunciated and Delivered to D.W. Booher September 5th 1884.

    This indenture made and entered into this January 21st 1884 between Jonathan Smith and M.E. Smith wife of the Said Jonathan Smith of the county of Clinton and state of Kentucky of the one part and D.W Booher of the county of Cumberland and state ?????? of the other part witnesseth that for and in consideration of two hundred and ten dollars one hundred dollars in hand paid and the remainder in two equal payments of $55 each one due April 1st 1885 one due April 1st 1886 each bearing interest from date and of even date of this deed. The said Smiths have this day sold and conveyed unto said Booher a certain tract of land of the waters of Illwill creek in Clinton County KY known as the land that the Said Smith bought of W. Petty November 8th 1882 and bounded as follows beginning on a rock on the road leading from Albany to Burkesville on the line which divides the lands of J.H. Wright & J.A Vincent thence S 77 W 34 poles to a rock thence S 50 W 24 poles. Thence S 18 W 96 poles to a Buckeye thence with a conditional line between D Booher and L.S. Shelley to a buck in the fork of a branch thence up the branch to the original line between J.H. Wright and J.A. Vincent thence north poles to a red bud and sugar tree thence N 20 W 18 to a hickory thence N 16 W 28 to a white oak thence N 3 E 39 poles to a rock at the big road the beginning containing seventy acres be the same none or less to have and to hold the above described land free from the claims or claim of any and all persons whomsoever and the Said Jonathan Smith and M.E. Smith do bind themselves to forever warrant and defend the title to said land to him the said Booher his heirs or assigns for even by written under our hands this day and date above written.
    Attest Jonathan Smith
    C.L. Holsapple M.E. Smith

    State of Kentucky
    County of Clinton
    I, C.B. Parrigin Clerk of the Clinton County Court certify that the foregoing deed of conveyance from Jonathan Smith and M.E. Smith his wife to D.W. Booher was legally acknowledged before C.L. Holsapple my lawful deputy by Jonathan Smith and M.E. Smith in ?????? examination as appears from his endorsement thereon which is in these words figures ?????? acknowledged by Jonathan and M.E. Smith before me on a private examination January 21st 1884.
    C.L. Holsapple D.C

    And the same being on this day was legally ledged in my office for record therefore I have duly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office. Given under my hand this September 5th 1884.
    C.B. Parrigin Clerk
    By B.L. Leslie D.C.

    Event: Land 8 September 1884 Kentucky, Clinton, Ill Will Creek

  • David Booher
    Jonathan Smith
    Real Estate
    Book G pgs 113-115

    Examined and Delivered to D.W Booher September 8th 1884.

    For and in consideration of the sum of two hundred and twenty five dollars in hand paid the receipt of which is here fully acknowledged. I hereby sell and convey unto Jonathan Smith a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in Clinton County Ky on the waters if Illwill creek and bounded as follows from Albany to Burkesville on the line which formerly divided the lands of J.H Wright and J.A. Vincent now owned by L.S Shelley Whence S 77 W 34 poles to a rock East of white oak stump whence S 60 W 24 poles to a rock 1 pole West of a marked mulberry thence S 8 W 90 poles to a buckeye on the north side of the branch thence with a conditional line between David Booher and L.S. Shelley to a beech in the fork of a branch thence up the branch to original line between J.H. Wright and J.A. Vincent thence north poles to a red beed and sugar trio thence north 20 West 28 poles to a white oak thence north 3 East 39 to a rock at the Burkesville & Albany road the place of beginning containing acres be the same more or less to have and to hold the land hereby conveyed against the claims of any and all persons whatever and I hereby warrant and will forever defend the right and title in and to the land hereby conveyed Susannah Petty wife of William Petty hereby gives in this sale and conveyance and relinquishes her right to Dower and I waive her right to a homestead in and to the land hereby conveyed I witnesseth our hand this 8th Nov 1882.
    William Petty
    Susannah X - her mark Petty

    State of Kentucky
    County of Clinton } Set
    I C.B. Parrigin Clerk of the Clinton County Court certify that the foregoing deed of conveyance from William Petty to Jonathan Smith was on the 8th day of November 1882 legally acknowledged before me by William Petty to be his act and deed and unto the same was legally acknowledged before by S.W. Burchett my lawful deputy by Susannah Petty as appears from his indorsement thereon which is in my word and figures as follows ???? 1882 Nov 8th acknowledged before me by Susannah Petty.
    S.W Burchett D.C.
    By C.B. Parrisin Clerk

    And the same being in this day legally ledged in my office for record therefore I have duly recorded the same together with this certificate in my office. Given under my hand this September 6th 1884.
    C.B. Parrigin Clerk

    KENTUCKY TOWN, TEXAS. Kentucky Town was eighteen miles from Sherman in
    eastern Grayson County. Though the area was sparsely settled as early as
    1837, a community did not begin to develop there until 1849, when the first
    substantial group of settlers, traveling in a wagon train from Kentucky,
    arrived. Others soon followed, and by the end of 1850 two stores and a mill,
    one of the first in Grayson County, had been established. On January 8, 1852
    Dr. Josiah L. Heiston purchased land from Enoch Jonesqv and laid out a town
    which he called Ann Eliza after his daughter. Because the town was
    populated primarily by settlers from Kentucky, it was soon referred to by
    such names as the Kentuckians' Town. By June 1854, when the first post
    office was established, the official designation was Kentucky Town. The
    first postmaster, Jacob Alfred Drye, also owned one of the first stores in
    Kentucky Town. The community, on stage and freight lines from Shreveport and
    Jefferson westward, grew rapidly. Charles DeMorse,qv editor of the
    Clarksville Standard,qv chronicled the speedy development of the town in an
    1855 news report. According to DeMorse, only two residences had been in
    Kentucky Town when he had visited there three years earlier. In 1855,
    however, the town had two schools, a church, a lodge, a lawyer, and three
    doctors, and he credited the town with a precinct vote of 200. Kentucky Town
    continued to thrive throughout the 1850s. At one time as many as twenty
    businesses, including three saloons and two hotels, were located there. The
    Civil War years, however, brought a different type of excitement: William
    Clarke Quantrill and his guerillas frequented the area around Kentucky Town
    and wintered there at least once. The population of Kentucky Town began a
    steady decline during the 1870s, when the Texas and Pacific Railway passed
    to the north of the community, and the Missouri, Kansas and Texas line
    brought the Whitewright community into existence three miles to the east. By
    1883 Jonathan Sewell's general store, which also housed the post office, was
    the sole business left in Kentucky Town. In 1924 the post office was
    discontinued and replaced by rural delivery from Whitewright. In 1988
    scattered residences and the Kentucky Town Baptist Church, itself a Texas
    landmark, were the only vestiges of Kentucky Town.
    BIBLIOGRAPHY: Joe W. Chumbley, Kentucky Town and Its Baptist Church
    (Houston: Armstrong, 1975). Graham Landrum and Allen Smith, Grayson County
    (Fort Worth, 1960; 2d ed., Fort Worth: Historical Publishers, 1967). Mattie
    D. Lucas and Mita H. Hall, A History of Grayson County (Sherman, Texas,
    Donna J. Kumler Texas Handbook Online

    1. Smith, Randolph N. Cumberland Co. Circuit Court Records
    2. 1860 Clinton Co KY Census
    3. 1870 Clinton Co KY Census
    4. 1880 Clinton Co KY Census

    Source 1 p.238 6 May 1889 David Booher lost his mind about 3 months ago due to lung and kidney trouble; born in Clinton County in 1843 and has lived in Cumberland County about 40 years (Book. 3-451) Wife is Margaret Booher (Book 3-452)

    Census 1860 Source-2 p. 18 #370
    Booher, David 24 farmer VA
    Margaret J. 28 KY
    Martin D. 5/12 KY

    1870 Source 3 p. 37 #34
    Booher, David 34 farmer VA
    Peggy J. 40 KY
    Martin D. 10 KY
    Margaret E. 9 KY
    Mary E. 6 KY
    Rebecca J. 5 KY
    Sarah A.S. 3 KY
    Nancy A. 1 KY

    1880 Source 4 p. 52 #254
    Booher, David 44 farmer VA TN TN
    Margaret J. 50 KY TN TN
    Margaret E. 18 KY Va KY
    Mary E. 16 Ky Va Ky
    Rebecca J. 14 Ky Va KY
    Sarah A.C. 12 Ky Va KY
    Nancy A. 10 Ky Va KY
    William G. 8 Ky Va KY
    Samuel G. 5 Ky Va KY

    Note 11

    For and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and fifty five dollars to be paid as follows: seventy five dollars and fifty cents to be paid twelve months after the date here of with interest at eight percent for date and seventy five dollars and fifty cents to be paid two years after the date here of with a like rate of interest from the date here of which notes are executed. I G.W. Hurt of Clinton County Kentucky do hereby bargain sell and convey to Peter Booher of the same county and state the following described tract or parcel of land bounded as follows to it: Beginning at a large Chestnut thence North 2 East 4 poles to a dogwood corner of a survey made in the name of ??????? Brown. Thence with a name of the same North 9 East 13 poles to a post and pointers his corner. Thence with the same North 11 West 36 poles to two guns Leander W. Sawyers corner and corner to a track once overused by James Mackey. Thence with a line of the same South 13 West 60 poles to a hickory corner to said Mackey track. Thence with a line of the same North 68 West 40 poles to a dogwood another of said Mackey's corner thence with a line of the same South 48 West 20 poles to a staffle his corner. Thence with a line of the same south 16 East 48 poles to a poplar corner to the same thence South 75 West 18 poles to a stake on a line of the same near Isaac Thrashers house thence due south six poles to the head of a spring thence down the middle thence down the middle of the branch S 17 East 4 poles to a sweet gum thence to the beginning containing thirty one acres more or less. To have and to hold the same to the said Peter Booher free from all claims whatsoever I convent to and with him that I will warrant and forever defend the right and title to the premises hereby conveyed against all claims whatsoever in witness hereof I have ????? with Felicia Hurt my wife who joins me in this sale and conveyance and relinquishes all of her rights, title and dowers in and to said premises have here to sel- our hand this 20th day of January 1874.
    G.W. Hurt
    F.A. Hurt

  • Census: 1880 Kentucky, Clinton County
  • Note: Booher, Peter, w, m, 67, farmer, TN, PA,?; Sallie, 75, wife, NC, NC, NC; George, 19, grandson, farm labor, KY, ?, TN.
  • Moved from Clinton County, KY to Bethsaida area of Overton County, TN
  • Baptism Records - Bucher

    Born Baptised NAME Parents Name Additional Notes
    5 Dec 1775 7 May 1780 Martin Martin & Catharine Bucher Moved to Sullivan Co. TN in abt 1799
    20 Apr 1777 7 May 1780 Maria Martin & Catharine Bucher  
    23 Mar 1789 7 May 1780 John* Martin & Catharine Bucher * Reedy Creek John Booher
    14 Oct 1780 10 Dec 1780 Peter Martin & Catharine Bucher  
    no date 31 Jul 1785 Maria Martin & Catherine Bucher  
    5 Feb 1786 7 May 1786 John Math John & Catherine Bucher This is thought to be Martin and not his brother John Bucher
    20 Mar 1803 Dec 1803 Anna Marie Christian & Margaret Roth Bucher Christian is oldest son of Martin Bucher
    31 Oct 1805 7 Jun 1811 Anna Christian & Margaret Bucher  
    3 Mar 1808 7 Jun 1811 Elizabeth Christian & Margaret Bucher 3 Feb 1808 was given on another paper
    24 Nov 1810 7 Jun 1811 Margareta Christian & Margaret Bucher  
    From Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church; Two South Hazel Street; Manheim, PA 17545


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