Genealogy of Canters of Southwestern VA

Myrtle May Canter Family Page

At this time, Thomas Canter is the oldest link to our family--and we're not really sure about this.  There is still a great deal of mystery concerning just which Canter spawned the Canters of southwestern VA and eastern TN.  But we're working on it diligently. 
If you have comments or additions to make to this genealogy of the Canters, please let me know.

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genealogy of Canter family
genealogy of Canters of southwestern VA
southwestern VA Canter families

Individual:  Myrtle May Canter
Parents:  John Calvin Canter and Alice Fielder Rash
Birth:  April 27, 1907 Piney Flats, TN
Death: March 23, 1997 Bristol, TN
Buried:  East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, TN/VA
Married:  November 24, 1923

Spouse:  Gordon Mikel Stevens
Parents:  William Thomas Stevens and Alizina Minerva Widner
Birth:  August 9, 1906 Alvardo, VA
Death: February 16, 1967 Bristol, TN
Buried:  East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, TN/VA
Occupation:  Carpenter
Religion:  Member of Assembly of God Church



Frances Louise Stevens b. 7/24/1924

  m.  4/25/1942 Morristown, TN  James Marvin Randall  b. 1/16/1922 Washington Co., TN
      d. 3/16/1981 Greensboro, NC  bd. Guilford Memorial Park, Greensboro, NC
      (par. Edward Burton Randall and Eugenia Poore)
  Linda Jane Randall b. 1/17/1943 m. 12/8/1962
  Ralph Earl Snyder  (par. Frank Snyder and Lillian)
Lisa Diane Snyder b. 9/8/1963
Ralph Earl Snyder, Jr. b.  11/22/1964
Stephanie Denise Snyder b.  11/9/1973
Carolyn Ann Randall b. 8/10/1944  m.  8/20/1966
  Wallace Coffey (par. Douglas Coffey and Mayo Straley)  child: Janet Lynn Coffey b. 9/6/1972
Barbara Marvina Randall b. 10/2/1946 Bristol, VA
  m1. Jerry Allen Ketchem b.  8/9/1943 (par. J. A. Ketchem)
Jeffery Scott Ketchem  b.  9/29/1974
Jennifer Ketchem
m2.  James "Jim" Allen Leonard  b. 12/11/1945 (par. Johnny Martin Leonard and Ruth Virginia Whittaker)
James Marvin Randall, Jr. b. 11/21/1949 Bristol, VA m. 11/22/1969
  Wanda Joan Puckett
Frances Michelle Randall b. 12/2/1969
James Marvin Randall III b. 1/30/1975
Katherine Marie Randall b. 12/13/1951 Bristol, VA m.
  Terry Dean Hicks
child:  Sherri Kristen Hicks b. 2/20/1978
Sharon Louise Randall b. 2/18/1955 Bristol, VA m. 1/29/1972
  George Clifford Purcell (par. George William Purcell and Delores Dooley)
George Clifford Purcell, Jr. b. 8/12/1972
Amanda Gail Purcell b. 2/6/1976
Edward Michael Randall b. 8/18/1964 Bristol, VA
m2. James Benson
Helen Wyonna Stevens b. 3/2/1926 m. 6/28/1946
  Abraham "Abe" Kenneth Hite b. 1/4/1918 Kingsport, TN d. 5/7/1980 Bristol, TN bd. Mountain View Cem. Bristol
(par.  Andy Clinton Hite and Ordie Beakley)
child:  Patricia Lynn Hite b. 1/19/1956 Bristol, TN m. Charlie Jones m2. 2/14/1981 Myrtle Beach, SC  John Mark
          Kirkpatrick m3. 6/24/1995  John Flack Houston b. 4/16/1948 d. 6/21/1999
m2.  Willard Delayne m. 4/10/1982  div. 1985
Ardeth Kathleen Stevens b. 11/7/1928 Bristol, VA m. 6/15/1946
  Eugene "Shorty" Large b. 3/26/1923 VA d. 3/29/1986 Bristol, TN bd. Riverview Cemetery, Mendota, VA
(par. Walter Large and Lucy Woods)
Janet Gayle Large b. 12/10/1948 m.
  Tom G. Feathers b. 7/25/1948 d. 3/31 1998 Blountville, TN bd. Glenwood Cemetery, Bristol, TN
Lisa Gail Feathers m. Fred Brewer
Andrew Brewer b. 10/1988
Jessie Brewer b. 1990
Thomas Brewer b. 4/10/1991
Amber Gail Brewer b. 4/17/1992
Johnathan Lee Feathers
Jeffery Clinton Feathers
Julie Karen Large b. 4/2/1950
Michael Eugene Large b. 11/10/1953 d. 11/10/1953
Debra Jean Large b. 7/30/1956
Mark Bryant Large b. 8/30/1965
m2.  2/28/1978 Guy Mack Stophel b. 8/8/1926 d. 3/1/1987 Mesa, AZ bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol
(par. Dallas Stophel and Thelma Millicant Jones)
Bonnie Elizabeth Stevens b. 1/22/1930 Bristol, VA m.
  Howard Haynes Greer b. 1/29/1931 d. 1/27/1991 Bristol, TN bd. Mountain View Cemetery Bristol, VA
Brenda Leigh Greer b. 4/20/1947 m. Andy Rouse
Andy Lee Rouse b. 3/3/ 1964 d. 8/10/1964
Randy Rouse b. 3/3/1964 child by Rhonda Goodell:  Michael Dane Goodell b. 8/12/1982
m. Tammy Lynn Black
Andy Christopher Rouse b. 5/5/1985
Brian Rouse
Skyler Rouse
Howard Haynes "Bud" Greer, Jr. b. 3/9/1949  Bristol, VA  d. 3/27/1996 Belton, SC bd. Graceland Cemetery,
           Greenville, SC m.
  Judy Hurt
Gary Allen Greer b. 11/15/1964
Kevin Mark Greer  no other info but one child:  Dalton Gage Greer b. 3/4/2002
Shawn Adrian Greer
Rachele Greer
m2.  Sarah Diane Riddle
Joyce Ann Greer b. 1/1/1951 m.
  William "Bill" Ray Campbell b. 8/5/1938 d. 1/14/2000 Bristol, VA bd. Mountain View Cemetery, Bristol
(par. Omer Earnest Campbell and Alta Helton)
Angela Michelle Campbell b. 6/30/1970 had child by Warren W. Thurston:  Lauren Nicole b. 8/2/1996
William Ray Campbell, Sr. b. 4/17/1972 has child:  Emma Rae Campbell b. 3/27/2002
Grant Gordon Greer b. 2/1/1956 m. 6/19/1975
  Teresa Vonn Osborne b. 8/18/1957 (par. Curley Osborne and Delphia Mae Ward)
Bonnie Elizabeth Greer b. 7/24/1975 m. 8/12/2000 Bristol, VA
  Tracy Arnold
Cody Allen Arnold b. 11/4/1996
Faith Elizabeth Arnold b. 3/26/2002
Robert Edward Greer b. 12/15/1977 m. 4/9/2000 Bristol, TN Carmen Mays Page
Jack "Jacky" Lynn Greer b. 5/21/1958 d. 8/14/2003 Bristol, VA bd. Mountain View Mausoleum, Bristol, VA
  m. 3/25/1975 Wanda Gay Peters b. 5/19/1959 (par. John Chrisley Peteres, Jr. and Geneva Bott)
Jack Lynn Greer, Jr. b. 8/20/1975
  m. Rebeka  Renne Cox b. 3/23/1974
Jack Lynn Greer III
Isabella Renee Greer
McKinley Lee Greer
Antonia Renee Greer b. 8/27/1976
  m. 10/19/1999 Bristol, VA  Janusz Peter Zabawa
m2. 5/25/2002 Morris, IL Ronald Andrew Zabawa b. 9/5/1977
Brett James Zabawa 11/2/2002
Brooke Lynn Zabawa 3/3/2004
m2. Margie Cadle had child Margie Cadle who was adopted by Jacky
Donna Elizabeth Greer b. 11/9/1960 m. Douglas Wayne Ball b. 3/18/1956
Douglas Wayne Ball II b. 8/7/1978 m. 1/13/2001 Rebecca Quales
  child:  Jason Bradley Ball 3/22/2001
Travis William Ball b. 3/1/1981 m. Amanda Lunsford
  child:  Haley Elizabeth Ball b. 4/19/2003
Robert Edward Greer b. 12/30/1963 m. Rebecca Jean Smith
Robert Edward Greer, Jr. b. 11/8/1981 m. Amanda Perkey
  child:  Victoria Shea Greer b. 11/28/2001
Hunter Greer b. 3/2/1989
Gordon Mikel Stevens, Jr. b. 8/23/1931 Bristol, VA m. 6/11/1955 Joan Marie Canter (par. Crockett Canter and
  Dora Pauline Linnen b. 2/5/1937 Bristol, VA
Tonalaya Marie Stevens b. 7/8/1960 m. Dwight David Odum  div.
Keeleah Odum
David Odum
Vonda Kay Stevens b. 8/15/1966 Bristol, TN m. Mickey Morenings
  child:  Bretta Marie Morenings b. 8/22/1985
m2.  Larry Kirskey
Bobby Franklin Stevens b. 9/7/1933 Bristol, VA d. 3/5/1991 Bristol, TN m. Elizabeth Ann Harris
Bobby Franklin Stevens, Jr. b. 10/22/1954
Teresa Diane Stevens b. 9/2/1958
Sonja Stevens b. 8/6/1964
Kenneth Edward Stevens b. 3/19/1945 Bristol, VA m. 6/7/1963 Carolyn Jane Terry b. 12/4/1945 Bristol, TN
  d. 1/31/2000 Bristol, TN bd. Mountain View Cemetery   Bristol, VA
Terri Renee Stevens m. 8/3/1985 Bristol, VA  Joseph Paul Henner (par. William G. Henner and unknown)
Eliza Henner
Alexander Henner
Nicholas Henner
Isabell Henner
Tracy Lynn Stevens
Benjamin Edward Stevens b. 12/9/1991
Zachary Bevins Stevens b. 12/9/1991
Julia Ann Stevens m. 7/29/1995 Bristol, VA  Michael Presgrove Little (par. Robert Little and Mary Ann)
Jason  Armstrong Stevens m. 2/14/1998 Abingdon, VA  Lisa Nicole Jacobs  child:  Cyrus Armstrong Stevens
m2. 9/1/2001 Wanda Martin Singleton Jackson (par. unknown father and Chloie L. Martin)
Jennifer Singleton
Robert Singleton















John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman)....Photo taken in Jessamine Co. KY