Genealogy of Canters of Southwestern VA

Roscoe William Canter, Jr. Family Page

At this time, Thomas Canter is the oldest link to our family--and we're not really sure about this.  There is still a great deal of mystery concerning just which Canter spawned the Canters of southwestern VA and eastern TN.  But we're working on it diligently. 
If you have comments or additions to make to this genealogy of the Canters, please let me know.

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genealogy of Canter family
genealogy of Canters of southwestern VA
southwestern VA Canter families

Individual:  Betty Lou Whitaker
Parents:  Walter Clarence Whitaker and Daisy Florence Canter

Spouse:  Billy Steve Jackson
Parents:  Steve Franklin Jackson and Ellen Wyomie Porter
Birth: April 12, 1932
Death: November 3, 1988 Bristol, TN (heart attack)
Buried:  East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, TN/VA

Married:  November 20, 1959 Ojus, FL


Billy Steve Jackson, Jr. b. 2/14/1957
Jeffery Long Jackson b. 8/20/1961


Billy Andrew Jackson b. 8/1/1951
Barbara Jean Jackson
Danny Lee Jackson















John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman)....Photo taken in Jessamine Co. KY