Genealogy of Canters of Southwestern VA

Trula Mae Shelley Family Page

At this time, Thomas Canter is the oldest link to our family--and we're not really sure about this.  There is still a great deal of mystery concerning just which Canter spawned the Canters of southwestern VA and eastern TN.  But we're working on it diligently. 
If you have comments or additions to make to this genealogy of the Canters, please let me know.

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genealogy of Canter family
genealogy of Canters of southwestern VA
southwestern VA Canter families

Individual:  Trula Mae Shelley
Parents:  Jesse Carl Shelley and Laura Bell Canter
Birth:  May 28, 1923 Bristol, VA

Spouse:  Edwin Winfred Feathers
Parents:  William Feathers and Mattie Graham
Birth: May 1, 1918 Emmett, TN
Death: August 25, 1985 Veterans Hospital, Johnson City, TN
Marriage:  February 5, 1940
Divorced:  date unknown


Elizabeth Jean Feathers b. 5/12/1941 m. 8/12/1961 Fairfield, CA Joseph Norman Darlington b. 9/3/1941
                                    Dixie, GA d. 9/16/1996 GA  children:  Joseph Norman Darlington, Jr. b. 5/26/1962 
                                    m. 7 1989 Bristol, VA Jennifer Elkins
                                    Michael Allen Darlingon b. 1/2/1964 Fairfield, CA m. Charlotte
                                    Dwayne Richard Darlington b. 10/8/1972 Sumter, SC
Judy Diane Feathers b. 10/5/1942 m. 8/7/1959 Patrick A. F. Base, Coco Beach, FL Donald Kaleoaloha
                                    Nahoolewa b. 12/11/1936 Honolulu, Hawaii 

Photo taken August 2002                                 
                                    Daniel Kaleoahoha Nahoolewa "Danny" b. 3/4/1960  Fairfield Solano, CA
                                               m. 8/7/1981 Mesa, Maricopa, AZ   Carol Mangum (par. Lon Duane
                                               Mangum and Alice Jeanne Overson) children:  Daniel Kaleoaloha
                                                Nahoolewa, Jr. b. 4/28, 1982; Darrell Kalani Nahoolewa  b.4/16/1986;     
                                                (twins) 4/8/1993 Nicole Malia Nahoolewa and Kelli Anolani Nahoolewa
                                    David Kamealoha Nahoolewa b. 6/30/1961 Fairfield Solano, CA m. 3/26/1986 Fort
                                              Worth, TX  Julie Lynn Dunn (par. Robert Glenn Dunn and Olvera Loretta
                                    Damon Kalani  Nahoolewa b. 9/12/1962 Fairfield Solano, CA m. 11/28/1986 Ft.
                                              Worth, TX Teri Triptow (par.  David Clyde Triptow and Judy Brown)  children: 
                                              Damon Kalani Nahoolewa, Jr. b. 12/13/1987 Ft. Worth, TX  Chad Kawika
                                              Nahoolewa b. 5/24/1990 Ft. Worth, TX
                                    Deborah "Debbie" Kapulani Nahoolewa b. 4/10/1965 m. 5/24/1986 Ft. Worth, TX
                                              Gustavo "Gus" Rodriques Galindo (par. Gustavo Canto Galendo, Sr. and
                                              Zeniada Rodriquez)  children:  Kristina Kapulani Nahoolewa Galindo
                                              b.  8/21/1986  Ft. Worth, TX  Desiree Kaleoaloha Nahoolewa Galindo
                                              b. 10/5/1988 Ft. Worth, TX
                                              m2.  9/23/1968 Bristol, TN Howard William Felty (par. Howard Martin Felty
                                              and Virginia Dare McGuire)  children:  Howard William Felty, Jr. b. 6/10/1969 
                                              m.  9/10/1999 Gatlinburg, TN Christie Rennee Hyler (Mr. and Mrs. Steve
                                              Jeffrey Martin Felty b. 9/10/1974                                   
Trula Edline Feathers b. 12/30/1944 Bristol, VA m. 8/2/1961 Fairbanks, AL Robert Kemp Adams, Jr.
                                              b.  8/18/1939 Youngstown, Ohio (par. Robert Kemp Adams and Virginia
                                              Gay)  children:  Robert Kemp Adams III b. 4/4/1962  Panama City, FL m.
                                              Douglas Edwin Adams b. 5/27/1963  Youngstown, Ohio m. Valerie
                                              Jeffrey David Adams b. 8/26/1966 Youngstown, Ohio m. 8/1988 Tullahoma,
                                              TN  Lisa Austell
                                              m2.  3/15/1974 Henry Thomas Spangler b.  4/20/1943 Sullivan Co., TN
                                              (par. William Eugene Spangler and Hazel Jane Carden) child:  Jennifer Lynn
                                              Spangler b. 12/12/1975 Kensaw, GA
Shirley Ann Feathers b. 10/5/1949 Mendota, VA m. 1/20/1968 Upper Hayberd, England Emmitt Westly
                                              Welborn b. 12/3/1946 Eagle Pass, TX (par. Walter Westly Welborn and Mary
                                              Agnes Owen)  div. 12/23/1981  child:  Larry Owen Welbron b. 9/2/1968
                                              Albuquerque, New Mexico d. 6/7/1991 when boat capsized.  Never found. 
                                              Was on way to Germany to see his father.
                                              m2.  12/25/1986 Marble, TX   Fayett Thomas Finney b. 8/13/1937 Temple, TX
                                              d. 4/6/1992 Austin, TX   St. David's Hospital  bd.  Little Elm Cemetery,
                                              Cameron, TX
















John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman)....Photo taken in Jessamine Co. KY