Genealogy of Canters of Southwestern VA

Roscoe William Canter, Jr. Family Page

At this time, Thomas Canter is the oldest link to our family--and we're not really sure about this.  There is still a great deal of mystery concerning just which Canter spawned the Canters of southwestern VA and eastern TN.  But we're working on it diligently. 
If you have comments or additions to make to this genealogy of the Canters, please let me know.

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genealogy of Canter family
genealogy of Canters of southwestern VA
southwestern VA Canter families

Individual:  Roscoe William Canter, Jr.
Parents:  Roscoe William Canter, Sr. and Ada Emma Quail Bell
Birth:  January 18, 1932
Death: March 6, 1995 Bristol, TN
Buried:  East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, TN/VA

Spouse:  Frances Weatherly Pope (first husband John R. Pope)


John Pope, Jr.
Betty Pope b. 2/23/1958 Abingdon, VA d. 5/25/1992 Bristol TN bd. Mountain Home Tennessee National
                 Cemetery  m. Charles Eugene Burke, Jr. (par. Charles Eugene Burke and Shirley Vestal)
                 children: Chastity Burke, Charisten Nicole Burke
Rose Canter
Roscoe Canter III















John William Canter appx1905
John William Canter- (Charles- Thomas- Truman)....Photo taken in Jessamine Co. KY